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((A/N: I really would like at least a little feedback from my readers if possible please. Bad or good...any feedback is welcome. Just want to know how I can improve this story as I go.))

~(Luci POV)~

The car ride was silence, aside from the radio. It seem to actually started to annoy Jay, because he ended up crawling in the back seat. "I know we're still strangers to you, but I hope you don't feel like you're in any danger, Luci."
I just blinked and looked over at Simon, before at Jay. "No I actually feel very comfortable with you both." I noticed they both smiled, but got distracted by the beautiful scenery from driving across the bridge.
"Beautiful right? This country will feel a bit more down to earth than home." I looked back at Jay. The moment I looked into his eyes, I felt my entire bring relax. He noticed and pulled me into his embrace.
No words were needed since this hold spoke for us. It was his way of saying he could be my home. "Officially love all wolves." Simon chuckled, while Jay let me go. I looked at him a bit thrown off.
"Jay actually not just a wolf." Simon spoke up, confusing me more. "I'm actually a hybrid. Half werewolf and half vampire. Which is awesome, cause i don't have to live on blood only."
He shyly rubbed the back of his neck as he chuckled. Jay was a very adorable man, but I don't think he will be happy if I said that out loud. "You're still that sick rapper and amazing sing I know of, so this makes no difference."
Jay looked up at me and smiled. "Oh so you do listen to my music." I giggled at how he went from shy and cute to bad boy and cocky. "I listen to your music though most of the flight. If I wasn't sleeping, watching tv, or being mentally fucked with by Simon."
I glared over at Simon, right as he cracked up laughing. Jay glance between Simon and me. "Oh, I see...Simon you stole my girl from me." I blinked out of confusion as Simon just broke out into a hard laugh.
"Yo its not my fault Miss Sassy prefers me over you." I had a feeling they were joking with each other, but I still felt lost. Jay patted my head and gave me his winning smile. "Don't worry, I promise to steal you back."
I just smiled and nodded my head. He chuckled lightly and petting my head. "You have any questions you want to ask, go for it. I know our time to say is limited." Simon looked back at us in the rear view mirror.
"Well... Um... Jay you said something about me giving off what I was right?" He raised an eyebrow as he nodded his head. "By your statement, I am not awaken. Does that mean I can't figure what other are are at all."
I blinked as Jay and Simon looked at each other for a second. "Well you can still tell, but mostly only does that you raised around." I try to think of what kind I was possible raised by, when Simon spoke up.
"Wait til we get to the company. Were all nit the same thing. We have a vampire a shape-shifter, fair folk, wolves, hybrids as, well as demons and angels." My eyes darted up to lock with Jays the moment Simon said the word Demon.
He noticed something must have clicked in my head. "Why is she staring at you Jay." Simon really couldn't see much, but knew I wasn't breaking the staring contest. Jay's eye glow bright crystal orange.
He lean in close enough that our faces were inches apart. "So your close to Demons, huh?" I blinked as I watch his curl up into a smile. He then moved so he was no longer in my face.
"Your eyes flash blue when you hear the word demon. You might actually be awoken from birth, and your powers went dominate as you grew up." He was in my space, because he caught something I didn't know I could do.
So I actually might be a Demon? "Demon's eyes are not blue." so now I wasn't a Demon. I was so frustrated by this that I sighed heavily and mess up my hair a bit. "Don't stress it, Luci. I give you my word, I will help you though this, and help you awaken your dormant powers."
Jay took my hand away from my hair. He really knew how to calm me down, without even trying. What was he to me? To have such an wonderful man lured to the likes of me. It wasn't long until we were at AOMG.
Simon had parked under the building, so we could get in the building without fans noticing. Especially since I was with them. I still ended up wearing an AOMG hoody, so no one would know I was a girl.
Jay and Simon protested against me wearing the sweater, but I won. I wasn't gonna cause any trouble for anyone. We took the elevator to the seventh floor. As we walked to the open glass door, I noticed there were a couple more people. One of them looked extremely familiar. He looked up at me and smiled so brightly.
"Luci! What you doing here?" The moment he spoke my memory came back to me, and my body moved on its own. "Chase!" I tackle hugged him, and as excepted he caught me with ease. "Wait a moment. How do you know her?"
Simon was the one that spoke up as Jay just smirked. "She my baby cousin from my aunt Maya. Not really blood but I did grow up with her. She like family to me." I just snuggled up to him, and he wasn't letting go either.
"Jay you remember you met her once before too." I looked up at Chase before looking at Jay. I don't remember ever meeting Jay at all. "Yeah but it was so long ago, she doesn't remember me."
Chase looked down at me, getting me to look at him. "You don't remember those big dogs that came and save you from that bully?" The memory came swimming back. I was about six years old, when a group of middle school kids were harassing me.
They would push me around and take my lunch money. One day I went to my aunts house the day I stood up to my bullies, and ended up losing. I had a black eye, and was cover in bruises.
Chase saw this and seem pissed off, but at the time, I though he was mad at me. The next day, they decided to jump me, on my way home from school. Two wolves appear out of nowhere ans attack my bullies.
The dark tan one came over to me, and nuzzle up to me. It made me giggle and smile, as well as happy. The memory came back to me fresh as day. Chase winked at me as he smiled so warmly.
"So you were that tan wolf that nuzzled me and protected me? Wait?! Was that why you were mad that day?" He nodded his head, while I nuzzled up to him. "I love my amazing cousin."
Chase chuckled and kissed the top of my head. "Does this mean I'm a wolf too?" I looked up at him, as I realized the gray wolf that was with him, was Jay. I looked over at Jay, while he looked away.
"I honestly don't know what you are, just that you mother is actually a demon and your father is an angel." I pulled away, a bit caught off guard by this. "Wolves do love you though, since your family are either demons, hellhounds, or fallen angels." Hellhounds were another form of wolves in my book.
"Is it possible I'm a hellhound?" Chase sighed heavily as he glared up at Jay. "You may be Alpha of our pack here... But you know Jiyho is gonna be pissed you've exposed her to this life."
Jay looked puzzled as him and Chase made eye contact. "Luci is the one, Jihyo, doesn't want us to introduce to this world? I didn't know it was her." I looked at them both confused as hell, while Simon pulled me closer to him and away from Chase.
My cousin sighed heavily, and rubbed the back of his head. "It's because of who she named after." I blinked the boys, then looked up at Simon. "Lucifier." He answered my mental question.
"Explains why her eyes light up when we mention demons." Jay spoke under his breath. "Oh so this is Lucifier's Daughter... I know what you are." Everyone looked at Ugly Duck as he grinned.
"Unlike Jay, Simon and your cousin ChaCha, I'm not bound by their lead alpha's rules. Mostly because I'm a demon myself." I pulled out of Simon's embrass and moved closer to Ugly Duck, aka Ju Kyung.
He smiled warmly at me, and pet my head. "What your last name' Luci?" Chase rest his hand on my shoulder. "You sure you're ready for this?" I nodded my head before turning to look at Ju Kyung. "Scarlett is my last name." His warm smile turn into a devilish smirk.
Ju Kyung eyes had even turn to a mix between blood red and golden yellow. "Think about what you've done so far in life...are you more good or bad?" He was starting to confuse me. Why was he asking me so many question?
I though he was going to explain what I could be. "She's done more good than bad." Chase answered for me, getting me to look over at him again. He lean in closer and raised an eyebrow.
"Your father is Lucifier himself but you're mother is my kin's queen, Demon Queen." I just looked around, and noticed Gray leaning forward. "Oh so she the mortal princess they have been hiding from us all."
He licked his lips, when his eyes glow a blood red. I felt a bit threaten and move closer to chase. "Yo, your kind is the reason why the queen asked Jihyo to protect her." Chase spoke up as Gray aka Seong hwa, lean back in his seats, and his eyes turn brown again.
"Mianhae, didn't mean to scare you Luci, but he not lying. Your mother has wolves protecting you because my kind prince wants your blood." I felt my heart sink, at the information I was getting from them.
"Okay so I'm just human?" I looked over all of them, but made full eye contact with Jay. He smirked and waved me to come his way. I felt my entire being wanting to give in to his request. His eyes flashed a different color, as his smile faded.
He seem a bit sad I didn't move. I smiled softly and decided to give in to him. I ignored everyone and moved straight for him. Jay smiled again and wrap his arms around my shoulders, as my arms wrap around his waist.
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jiyong... you bettaaaa catch herrr!!!
@xroyalreisx Right? X)
@drummergirl691 I knew I was right ...stupid computerize spell check
I love all of the different twists and turns. no one knows what she is or if she is something. But it's all so interesting. and the Prince vampire which I'm assuming is GD wants her blood and possibly so he can be more powerful??? huh huh am I close lol... I really love her relationship with chase, Jay and Simon. it's really cute.... and the only thing is to double check the spelling... I'm loving it!!!!!
Great job on this story. I'm really enjoying reading it. I love fantasy stories like this.
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