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Sup fam! Sorry it took me long to release part 3... I'm such a loser :3 OKAY so here is Part 3 enjoy! *What? I don't remember a think .. I forgot?* Part 1: Part 2:
Omg I can't believe its Lay from Exo!! I was too shocked, my mouth was wide open.  "what? what's the matter? Ohh .. you know who I am don't you? Haha" Lay laughed and smiled. I shook my head yes. Wow who would of thought I would be meeting you here so suddenly and this is at a bad moment haha.. trying to let out a little chuckle.  "Please tell me what is troubling you? You are too beautiful to be crying. Plus it's raining out here, you can catch a cold if you stay out here too long. It's dangerous too." I started to blush as my cheeks turned red. I thought omg did Lay just say I was beautiful? and he's concerned about me? I just burst out in tears again because this was a miracle ㅋㅋ "oh no no did I say something wrong?" Lay sounding concerned. Uh no no you didn't it's just.. life wow. Lay then laughed "Oh okay.. well let me walk you home please" I said okay.  Lay had me under his umbrella walking me home. He then breaks the awkward silence between us, "Soo.. is it alright if I ask why were you crying?" I looked away then looked back at him; Well it's these girls at my school, they bother me everyday. Today was worse.. school was out and me and my friends was on our way out. I was talking to my friends about this bracelet I made for my favorite kpop idol... I wanted to give this bracelet to him the next time I see him at a fan meeting. Suddenly the girls blocked our way, started talking bad to me, then snatches my bracelet, and broke it to pieces! "Omg she really did that? Oh that's terrible!" Lay said with a upset expression on his face. I continued,  yeah she did! One of my friends tried to fight her too but I slapped the girl in the face and ran out of the school because I was so pissed.. " wow that's just mean! I'm sorry that happened to you.. and you slapped her?  Cool! Lay said laughing. Omg you think that's funny? I started to laugh too. Lay then asked me "So who is your bias that you wanted to give that bracelet to? I eyes grew a little big.. umm it's uh.. "It's me isn't it? he said smiling at me. I just stared  at him, I did'nt know what to say. "Ha! So it is me right? You didn't say anything"  I thought shit! I looked away blushing. "Are you blushing? Aww! He said poking fun at me. So.. what if it is you.. we both smiled at each other. I felt like at the moment it was some kind of connection between us. We finally got to my house. Well thank you Lay for walking me home. "No problem.." he then froze for a minute "uh I didn't get your name miss?" (Y/N). You said proudly. "Wow that's a pretty name (Y/N). I'm Yixing, also known as Lay.  I know you already know that. We both chuckled. Well I'm going to get going.. bye Lay, he smiled back saying bye. Just when I was about to go in the house, he stopped me. "Oh wait (Y/N) ! Um can I get your number? Maybe we can be friends... I looked so surprised, I couldn't believe Lay asked for my number! I quickly responded yes! Of course we can be friends!. So I put my number in his phone. "Thanks.. can I call you tonight (Y/N) ? " Sure but make sure you text me before you call. Then we went our separate ways. Once I closed the door behind me, I slid down on the door to the floor. I screamed really loud! Omg omg! I was freaking tf out! Meeting Lay was a miracle! I have to tell Maria and Yani about this but will they believe me? Or anyone else at that. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day.  Hours few by, it is night time. I was doing my homework and listening to kpop. Suddenly, my phone goes off, I look up and see that I have a text message from Lay. I started feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I opened it smiling, "Hi (y/n)! how are you feeling? Wyd?" I told him I was doing my homework and listening to music; and that I was feeling alright. He said he was watching a movie. We text for a little awhile then he was calling me! Chills ran throughout my body. I took a deep breath then answered, hello. "Hey I just wanted to talk to you for a little bit before I go to bed, I have a very busy schedule tomorrow and I have to wake up early..
So are you going to school tomorrow?" I thought wow Lay wants to talk to me before he goes to bed! This was too good to be true but it was no dream. I said yeah of course I have to go, I sigh. He then said "well just focus on you and school, don't worry about those girls, just keep it moving. They are just mad because you're smart, kind,... and pretty." suddenly it got really quite on the phone. I was blushing and so was he. We were both speechless, not knowing how to break the ice. So then I let out a little laugh then said um thanks.. Then Lay says "yeah no problem.. well I'm going to go to bed now so I will talk to you tomorrow, good night (y/n). I told him good night and that was the end of our conversation. Once I took my phone away from my ear, my phone and ear was sweaty . I guess I was really nervous. So then afterwards I went to bed. The next day at school I was in class sitting there bored then the P.A came on "Good morning everyone, a quick announcement that we will be having a school dance next week! If you take someone from this school it's free but if they are from another school or just an outsider, that's  $2. Dress nice! Thank you for your time" I thought omg I can bring Lay! Everyone would stare at us and become jealous. The thought made me smile out of nowhere making me look like a weirdo that I'm already am. So the bell rang and it was time for lunch. I met up with Maria and Yani and we talked and eat at the table together. This would probably be the perfect time to tell them about Lay but would they believe me? So I finally had the chance to tell them. Guys... I met someone that you wouldn't believe. They looked at me weirdly. "Who is it?" Both of them ask then Yani said "It damn sure wouldn't be a Kpop idol" she laughed joking around. I gave her the look then she stop laughing.. "You can't be serious  (y/n).." Well it is a Kpop idol, I know it's hard to believe but you guys have to trust me and not tell anyone else okay? They nodded their heads. I leaned in to their ear and whispered "Lay from EXO" Their eyes grew big as they looked at each other then me. Before they could scream out loud, I covered their mouths. I laughed, you guys chill out. "How can we chill out after what you told us" Maria said smiling brightly. Then Yani "Do you have any proof? We need to see him for ourselves " I explained to them how we met each other, how we became friends, and  talking and texting on the phone, etc. All I had to do was get him to show up in front of them. Yani who liked Baekhyun and Maria who liked Suho, they wanted me to see if they can come along with Lay at the school dance. After school I am walking home listening to the music on my phone then suddenly a expensive car pulled up on the side and the window down, It happens to be Lay driving. He called out my name and I took my ear buds out of my ear and approached him.  "Hey (y/n) get in! I can take you home" So I got in! This was incredible, Lay dropping me off at home. He asked 'So how was school?" It was actually decent this time and they announced that we will have a school dance next week. He got excited "really?! Sounds fun! So.. who are you taking to the dance" he said shyly. I smiled, um idk I was hoping that you can go with me! But I'm sure you wouldn't want all that attention. Then Lay says " It's fine, shall we go shopping now while we are out? I shook my head yes and smiled. So we are on our way to the mall to go get our outfits for the school dance. After we are done, he drops me off at home. Thanks Lay for the stuff.. "No problem baby. Bye" Lay smiles at me and winks then pull off. I blushed and my heart raced; I can feel my heart beating. I flopped on my bed. I couldn't wait until the school dance! I caught myself daydreaming about me and him dancing with each other then kissing him. I started to blush and slap myself. I laughed to myself because how silly I was being.  TO BE CONTINUED! C: ♡♡♡♡♡

Well how was it? :3 Ready for more? Stay turned for part 4! c:

*Picture & Gif creds to the rightful owners. Cover made by me c:
Awww, Lay is such a sweet heart. Can you tag me for future chapters for this please?
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