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Hey guys!

If you're like me ( and I know most of you are) you're on YouTube most of the time. From watching our favorite groups on comeback stages to variety shows to watching our idols in their daily lives (yes I'm talking to you bangtan bomb). We use YouTube for out many kpop needs. Because of this there have been many youtubers that have grown and shared their personalities and views with us! Id like to share some of my favorite kpop and Korean youtubers with you all! (P.S - almost all of them aren't Korean but have a strong love for Korean culture or live in Korea)

#1 BapMokja and Haeppy

This duo is simply one of the most entertaining out there when it comes to Korean culture, places, and especially food. They do a variety of things from doing MV reactions to showing us interesting things about Korean life! We highly recommend you check them out.

#2 Edward Avila

Boys? Ever wonder how you can look like one of your favorite kpop idols and have girls swoon over you left and right? Edward has the right tips for you! His channel mainly focuses on makeup and skincare and is a must to check out if you want to try out a new look or a new product.

#3 ChoNunMigookSaram

This girl tells it like it is! Living and working in Korea, her channel consists more of how life is like for foreigners and the different experiences in Korea. She's fun, playful and all around entertaining to watch!


If you're in the kpop scene I'm pretty sure you've heard of him. If not let me introduce you to jre. He's hilarious, well rounded and a joy to watch. His videos consist of reactions, Vlogs, and just rants or fun concepts. He is (to me at least) one of the funniest and coolest kpop youtubers out there!

#5 itsjinakim

She's beautiful she's sweet she's fashionable! Her channel consists of everything from fashion trends to makeup tips to skits to Vlogs. She has it all and always includes a playful aspect to all her videos. They're a must watch for any girl out there.

#6 ThatDudeVlogs

Last but not least I present to you probably one of the biggest BTS fanboys in the YouTube world! Dhiraj has one of the funniest reaction channels and never fails to make one laugh. His reactions to both girl groups and guy groups is priceless on every occasion and fully embody the feels that run through all of us!
That's it guys a few of our favorite kpop youtubers. I know there's a lot more out there that are amazing!

Let us know who your favorite a in the comments below!!

@JessicaVang he also got to hang with AOMG!! I don't know if he's just lucky or has mad connections somehow, either way I'm jealous.
JREKML!!! He meet Bang Yongguk and Taeyang ( or Big Bang) dude!!!! There was even a video of them recognizing JREKML!! I'm dead serious!!
I love JRWKML and Edward
megan aka chonunmigooksaramimnidang is amazing!!! she is my fashion icon and thanks to her I'm totally ready to move to South Korea when I'm older
I love JRE. I love his reactions. I also like Hallyu back. She is such a great youtuber. She's a kdrama addict like me. She seems to know all the latest dramas and gossips of Korean celebrities.
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