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Since it's too hot here a cute winter scenario seemed real nice :)
And Angst Week will be last week of the month and Fluff week will be the beginning of the month...
Missed The Beginning.?
You were feeling super conscious about his eyes on you, as always. Like really, by this time you were not even surprised when you felt that particular tingling on your skin that you had learned to relate to Taehyung’s not so subtly gaze on you.
-You’re a creeper – you said softly, a little smile was lingering your lips because both of you knew you were just amused.
You continued with your task of getting your black knitted scarf properly fixed around your neck even when you could hear Taehyung laughing under his breath, you didn’t even need to turn around to know he was coming closer. Your bright red mittens were making everything a little harder than normal but you didn’t want to take them out only to put them on back again before going out, so now, in a moment of utter stubbornness, you decided to keep them on.
Your boyfriend hugged you from behind and rested his chin on top of your right shoulder.
–Look at you all clumsy and cute – he said with a mocking tone, a bright smile on his face to the frown between your brows.
-Don’t make fun of me – you said whining, your frown only growing larger when your hands slipped. Taehyung laughed again under his breath and with his hands on your arms he turned you around so you could face him.
-Let me help you –
Sometimes you could forget about how much Taehyung could manage to make your heart race in mere seconds, or how his stature could make you feel overwhelmed somehow or how his proximity always managed to make you stare up at him in utter adoration, to repeat to yourself over and over again how incredibly lucky you were for having such a boyfriend.
His hands moved the scarf skillfully around your neck and made a knot with its ends easily, as if helping you get ready was a daily basic for him. He smiled at you and leaned down a little, you could still feel his playful smile while his lips pressed against yours in a soft kiss, and his hands fixed a little the woolen beanie with leopard print that you were wearing, an old gift from him.
When he parted from your lips, he smiled down at you and placed another kiss on top of your forehead after checking everything was on place. –Lovely and ready for the cold –
Your cheeks burned with his comment and he took your hand to pull you outside.
Taehyung had invited you over to his place just to spend the day together, there wasn’t really anything planned as far as you knew, but you were ok with that. His hands were also covered with black woolen gloves, his scarf was bright blue and his winter coat was white. You stared at your own coat which was white too and you smiled, you heard somewhere that when couples grew closer they started to dress alike so you couldn’t help but think about that now.
-What’s the smile for? – He asked suddenly, startling you. You smiled even more now and shook your head to both sides.
-I just like being here with you – and that was true, so Tae smiled and pulled you a little bit closer to him while you walked down to the little park near his house.
You used to go there often, it was a quiet place and you loved to get on the swings with Taehyung, so you didn’t even question it when he dropped the idea of going there, it didn’t mind that it was cold outside since you also really liked winter and the whiteness of the view around.
The park was only two blocks away from Taehyung’s house and when you arrived there you could feel yourself almost bouncing on your feet. The majority of it was completely covered with the snow, the trees, the swings and the other plays settled there for the children, you pulled at Taehyung’s hand enthusiastically thinking about all the things you could do and you surely wanted to do a snow angel with him.
-Oh no – Taehyung said and stopped, you looked back at him confused when he turned around and walked the other way.
-What happe…- you couldn’t even finish your question before a scream interrupted you.
-Yah Taetae! – you gasped in surprise and turned around in time to see a running boy who threw himself on top of your boyfriend’s back and started to playfully strangle him. –Were you trying to get away from us? –
-Of course I was! – Taehyung was all laughs beneath the boy, both of them struggling playfully in the middle of all the laughter before the boy turned his head to look at you while still on top of Taehyung.
-Oh hi Y/N! it’s so nice to see you! – he smiled cheerfully and you giggled to the whole scene.
-Hi Jiminie – Taehyung groaned under Jimin’s grip and you could already see the rest of his friends running towards you.
-Jiminie? He’s trying to choke me Y/N! – When the rest of the boys stopped at your side, the two were still struggling and Hoseok was the one to get between the two, pulling at Jimin by his coat and making him get down Taehyung’s back to everybody’s amusement.
-What are you all doing here? – you asked after a few greetings. You were now really used to Taehyung’s friends since you had met a lot before, besides, they were always fun to be around.
-We were just killing the time – Jin said and smiled at you, the rest just nodded and agreed, talking all at the same time so eventually it all became a mess in which everyone was trying to decide what to do now that they had found both of you there as well.
Taehyung walked calmly to your side once again and threw an arm over your shoulders, bringing you closer to him. You leaned your head against him and smiled contented.
-We can still run you know…- you giggled at that and turned a little to hug his middle, burying your head on his chest now.
-It’s all ok –
-Y/N – there was tap on your shoulder and when you turned your head there was a smiling Jungkook calling for you. You smiled at him and Hoseok took the chance to pull you away from Taehyung.
-Hyung! what on earth? – Taehyung complained to the loss of you but Hoseok paid no attention and instead pushed you away with a hand on your back and a wide smile.
-Y/N you arrived just in the right time – he said and his smile was contagious, so you found yourself smiling as wide as him. Taehyung was grumbling behind both of you.
-What do you mean? – Hoseok signaled towards the open space of the park and then turned his eyes to you.
-With you two, now we are perfectly complete and can split into equal teams-
-But teams for what? –
-Snowball fight! – Jimin chirped, appearing in front of you and making you giggle. –We’re almost done with the forts –
-So now we should split the teams – Namjoon called and you all surrounded him.
-I never said I was playing – Taehyung crossed his arms in front of his chest but you knew he was just playing hard and was just a matter of time for him to give in so a little push from you could do no harm.
You approached him with the cutest smile you could manage to do on your face and surrounded his neck with your arms.
–But it will be fun Tae – you reached up to place a little kiss on his lips, and then another, and another, until he smiled.
-Ok, Ok. But only if I get to be with you – he said and some of the boys were mocking him behind his back.
However, three minutes after the match of rock, paper and scissors was done, he found himself complaining.
-I can’t believe this! – the rest were already walking to their designated part of the park, leaving only you and Taehyung behind. –There’s no way we will be in opposite teams –
You giggled and placed your hands on your hips. –Oh but why babe? Are you afraid I’ll win you? – there was a mischievous smile on your face that Taehyung didn’t fail to notice.
The look of his face changed to a more challenging one. – Are you for real? –
You only smiled brighter. –Of course I am. When my team wins, you’ll have to make me a cup of hot chocolate –
-And if I do, the same goes for me – he said with a new flicker of joy in his eyes.
You blew a kiss at him and then ran to your designated part of the improvised battle field, not before screaming back at him. –Deal! –
All of you took your positions. You were paired up with Hoseok, Jungkook and Jin, while Taehyung was playing with Jimin, Namjoon and Yoongi.
-Three minutes to finish the forts! – Yoongi said and everyone dropped to their knees to pile up more snow in front of their forts. You were already a mess of giggles, when you thought about coming to the park with Taehyung you never imagined you’d end up caught in the middle of a snowball fight. But there you were, piling up snow as if your life depended of it.
There was a scream coming from the other fort and Jungkook was the first one to catch on it, standing up with a ball of snow already on each hand.
-Now! – Hoseok screamed and stood up as well, and the fight begun.
Snow was flying everywhere, all of the boys were chasing each other and each team leaved one person near their fort, so you were the chosen one for the task. Whenever one person from the opposite team tried to approach it you’d aim your snow balls at them without mercy. Your cheeks were already rosy by the cold air and the effort, but you didn’t stop.
-Y/N! – there was your boyfriend’s voice calling you and you peeked from the safety of your fort to see him running your way. –I’m coming for you! –
-You wish! - You smiled and denied with your head, piling up all the snow balls you had made until now, knowing that those weren’t going to stop Taehyung.
Covered by the safety of the fort, you crawled away with a few balls on your arms. Taehyung was stopped halfway by Hoseok’s sudden attack but now he was on his chase for you again.
You hid behind one of the near trees, panting, your breath was forming little clouds in front of your mouth and nose and you tried to not make any noise.
When Taehyung arrived at your fort, he found it empty and with a wolfish smile he started to look around for you.
In a second, he gave you his back and you attacked. Your snow ball made contact with his nape in a swift move and you hid behind the tree again trying to contain your laugh.
-Ouch! – he reached the back of his head to shove away a little bit of the snow that had fallen on his hair and looked around once again for you.
You tried to peek again and when you did, Taehyung had moved so you tried to do the same on the other side but this time he saw you. You didn’t think twice about it and ran with all your might, it didn’t matter that your boyfriend had longer legs than you that could cover more space quicker, he wasn’t catching you without you giving him a good fight.
You screamed excited, Taehyung threw some balls at you that you managed to dodge until one hit your back. You turned and threw your last ball at him which landed right on his face.
You were choking in laughter to the face he made, but then he was coming at you, running quicker than before and even though you run, you found yourself being caught by his long arms and then being dragged down.
Taehyung stumbled on the snow and both of you fell down. You rolled around in a mess of giggles, until you landed on your back and Taehyung was hovering over you.
Balls were flying on top of you but all you could see was Taehyung, his skin was showing a healthy glow by all the run, his hair was messily falling in front of his face and almost covering his beautiful eyes, he was panting and so were you.
-You sneaky girl – he said short of breath and you could only giggle, too tired to even say something. –I think I won – he whispered with his eyes fixed on yours.
Oh but that wasn’t the end, he thought wrong.
-I think not - You managed to grab all the snow you could between your mittens and shoved it against Taehyung’s face. He gasped surprised by your sudden move and you tried to get away to no avail, he was now holding you by your wrists and shaking his head to both sides to get ride of all the snow.
-That’s cheating jagi! – he said, but his voice was lower, he licked his recently frozen lips and leaned down to you, his face closer to yours now. –So I guess I’ll have to cheat too –
You didn’t even have chance to ask what he meant because you found out right away.
His lips were on yours and it was as good as it was freezing, all the snow you threw to his face made his lips cold and now he was making you pay in the loveliest of ways.
You surrounded his neck with your arms and Taehyung cupped the sides of your face, searching in your kisses for the warmness that he needed now, not really minding the snowball fight that was still being held not so far away from you and that most probably both of you had lost already.
From his point of view, if he was kissing you, that was definitely a win.


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