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Monsta X First Year Anniversary.

it took me so long to make this card only because of work and the fact that I finally had my last exam today BUT it's been a whole year! 525,600 mintues with these amazing and dorky boys.
A year with daddy shownu.
a year with sexy wonho.
a year with beagle boy minhyuk.
a year with cutie kihyun.
a year with sleepy meme model hyungwon.
a year with jooheon cinnamon bun.
and finally a year with weird maknae I.M.
it's been one year since these babies trespassed into the K-pop scene and stole my heart. I'm so proud of them and can't wait for the many more years of Monsta X to come. god I love them so much!
*gifs and pictures aren't mine credit to the owners.
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