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for those of you who remember my extremely amazing loco experience last month . I figured I would update you guys on everything.......well over a month,later and the loco love is still going strong...hasn't called like before but the snapchat action has been out of control still snap all the time sometimes not as frequently (understandable he's a busy man ) but the flame is still there......so basically look forward to invites hahhaha
and I found our wedding snacks.....custom cupcakes made by yours truly hahahaha loco really enjoyed seeing my skills
and as you see ....life has been great keith ape ....jay park ...snapped me but it's cool I mean chacha has snapped me and messaged me....and parker but that's life hahaha I was semi mad that keith and Jay sent short snaps but it's cool I'll take what I can get....and my only explanation as to why the hell they snap a potato is they support me and Loco........


@PassTheSuga you'll be on the vip list for the wedding and don't worry I'm still mad at myself😂😂😂😂 but it's okay I've been answering every single phone call just to insure I won't make my same mistake
I better be getting an invite..... I'M STILL SALTY THAT YOUR POTATONESS DIDN'T PICK UP THE PHONE WHEN HE CALLED @LocoForJiyong but you're still my hero 🙆
@JamiMilsap right....and I'll gladly post wedding photos....since we're basically official😂😂😂
Wow, look at you all part of the group now! Can't wait to see the wedding photos!! 🤗🤗🤗
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