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JiminxReader Check out the intro and chapter 1~ - - Life was great. You had everything you ask for. Health, family, love, success, everything seemed wonderful and like there was nothing that could ruin that for you.. So you thought.. . . . You sit there next to his bed, holding your dad's hand, starring at him. You want to cry, but you can't, you just feel empty, like nothing could ever make you happy again. He was your first love, your number one, your best friend, someone you could always come to for everything. Now... He's not here and you can't help him. You feel worthless, the one time he needs your help and you can't do anything about it. Gah!! You are so frustrated and miserable yet there is this big hole in your chest, like someone just ripped out your heart. "Hey babe, it's getting late" Jimin walks over to you, putting his hand on your shoulder "we should probably leave soon, it's already passed visiting hours." You're still holding your dads hand as you look up at Jimin. His eyes were all red and puffy from crying as well. You don't want to leave your dads side, but, you have no choice. "It'll be okay. I spoke to your mom. She said she was going to stay the night with him." You turn back to your dad and lean over to kiss his forehead. You whisper to him even though you know he can't hear you "I love you, dad, so much... But, it's going to be okay. Okay? I'll be okay. I'll be okay." You felt like you were lying to yourself and him as you said that, but swear you felt his hand tighten just as you let go, like he was telling you to hold on. "Huuuuhhhhhhh" you sigh, "let's go" you tell Jimin and you wrap your arms around his waist and he wraps his around your neck, kissing the top of your head. Jimin pulls away far enough to where you guys were facing each other and puts his forehead against yours "I love you. You know that, right? And whatever happens, I'll be there for you, forever and always, no matter what." You share a quick kiss "I love you too, now c'mon, lets get going. My mom said that she would call us first thing in the morning or if anything happened throughout the night." You both head out, saying goodbye to your mom, and on your way down to the parking lot. Once you get in the car, both of you just sit in there, silent, with the car off for a long while, until Jimin breaks the silence "Will you be okay?" He asks "Yeah.." You lie "Really?" He persists You stay silent He grabs your hand, intertwining your fingers together, and starts "Remember what I said? What ever happens, I'll be here, what ever you need, I'll be here. I want to help you in anyway I possibly can. I'm here for you. Always." You feel the tears coming up again as you begin to ask "But what if he doesn't make it?" "We'll figure it out, one step at a time. It's not going to be easy, but we'll do it together." You squeeze his hand and a few tears roll down your cheeks "Okay.... Okay.. Together. Well do this together..." You pause before you continue "I love you Jimin. No matter what happens, even if things...... Go bad.. I'll always love you." "I love you too" he says, lifting your hand towards his lips, kissing your fingers multiple times and holding them against his cheek. "Let's go home and get some rest, it's been a long day." He starts the car and you drive off. You look in the rear view mirror at the hospital as you guys were driving away, you keep an eye on it until it completely disappears from sight. You pray that your dad will be okay, though you already know, with every ounce of your body, mind, and soul, that this was it. And you as well were just slowly going to die too.
Admin: Hello!! Long time no see! Sorry that this chapter was posted so late 😭 I've been super busy with school and other stuff. I was AP testing and there were a lot of other things going on too.. But this week will be a little less hectic so hopefully I'll be able to post another chapter or two on these upcoming days. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!! I want to say and talk about so much about this chapter but I can't, I don't want to spoil anything!!! AHHH!! Okay, well I gotta go~ until next time~ Tags~ @haniarocioo @CrystalGuerra @MariaMontoya1 @Orihemay @tiffany1922 @EmmaJolie @IsoldaPazo @faith92 @amburg171997 @maritesssison @leelee12 @juliavip @aliendestina @kpossible4250 @michellerosa @greciaflores @littlemaryk @jaiipanda @juliavip @momochamie @nerdydemigod @jessicalista @nathalyalamo298 @sindyhernandez @lizzy987 @eliortiz13 @sarahdarwish @shelby101 @angeladarkness @resavalencia @jaysbae13 @bridgetjara @jiminakpop @jimin21abs @janellym123 @melissagarza Let me know if you want to be added or removed ^-^
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