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If anyone has been keeping up with Mayoiga (aka The Lost Village) this season, or read any of my cards about it, you'll know that I was considering dropping the show. I was getting really tired of learning more, but not learning anything intriguing enough to keep me watching. Well, that changed after I watched episode 7!

I'm going to keep watching this show!


I really, really needed to know if I should get behind Mitsumune or not, and I needed to know if he was going to be a worthwhile MC. Well, his back story was really tragic and it hooked me on wanting to at least find out how this is going to end for him. I want Mitsumune to get to live as Mitsumune, and I hope I'll get to see that kind of ending.


Masaki. I don't know why and I'm probably wrong, but I trust her. I don't know if she's living or dead or what and we'll probably find out more next week, but I trust her. She wanted Mitsumune to conquer his fears & that's how he would get out of the tunnel....I don't know where it would have landed him, but I think she had the right idea in mind & I want to find out if I'm right to trust her in this, whether she's living or dead.

On the other hand...

Someone I wanted to trust, Hayato, is suddenly very non-trustworthy if you ask me. Best-bro or not, I don't think he is trustworthy. I think he's so against Masaki because Mitsumune isn't his to control anymore -- he's not just a good boy anymore. He's not following Speedstar's orders, and it was kind of terrifying to see Hayato get so angry that he no longer had control over his friend. I don't like him anymore, but I think he's not going to let go of his pet so easily..
He's been protecting Mitsumune for a long time, so he probably gains confidence through looking down on and "helping" him. White knight much??? Or, male Yandere confirmed???
Besides, I still have lots of characters like Lovepon, Lion, Nanko, Koharu, etc etc that I am invested in, so I need to keep watching for their sake!!
What about the other Mayoiga watchers? Are you guys gonna stick with it?
Of course sticking with it. Watching about every spring release, gotta watch all the seasonal releases either weekly or wait til their done n binge em n have a great time! Can't let an anime slip by!! Anime is life!!
Can't drop this, although the story is really changing to make me not sure if I really enjoy it or if it may have a semi lame ending but I really want know, esp about the next epi to see what misaki has to truly say!!
I want to watch it but where do i find it
I feel ya!! lol glad some new information came in
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