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Revealing myself!

So I decided that...to get closer with the people who actually take the time to read, comment and heart my few cards (by close I mean as close as the Seventeen memebers are in those gifs... JK...maybe)....I PRESENT TO YOU ALL THESE SELFIES OF MYSELF.
Yes, before anyone asks, that is actually me! ^-^ I didn't take any pictures from the internet or use a friend's picture.
Called me self obsessed (which I'm not btwww) but surprisingly I really enjoy selfies, and I really enjoy the Snapchat filters
(Just a random Yoongi pic for your enjoyment) I just thought that this could establish a bit of trust between me and my few readers ^-^. Oh and Sadie's Super Sunday Special comes out tomorrow, so be sure to tell me what you want posted! Also, drop your snapchat below so I can add you! Or just add me right now. My SC is: its_sadieeeee This was just a random card but I hope you liked it XP
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