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A while back, I tried to do a cut crease look, but for fear of looking silly, I did it way too subtly and the result was barely a cut crease at all. After falling in love with my Shaaanxo X BH Cosmetics palette, though, I decided to give it another go!

What do you think?

I actually liked the end look, and am comfortable enough to actually wear it out of the house when I go meet some friends today :D I planned on just removing it when I was finished if I didn't like the end result.

Here's a better close up :)

I definitely don't think this look is perfect, but considering I've never done a good cut crease before, I think it looks pretty great!! I used my Shaaanxo Palette for the eye shadows, plus Milani Shadow Cream stix. My eyeliner is a liquid liner from Essence and my mascara is Essence's all-in-one mascara.

Here's the tutorial I was following!

It's put together by makeup artist Hannah Kemp. I did a few things differently -- I didn't have the cream shadow she used for her lid, so I used one of my Milano cream shadow sticks instead. I don't think it necessary worked as well as hers did, but for my first cut crease I was pretty satisfied!
Wow!! It looks great!! You do eyeliner better than I can!!! Two thumbs up!!
@MyAffairWith I guess so!!! Hahahaha
@hikaymm lol 馃槀 Cool!!! So you've tried them all (from what I know)
@Whoops, sorry missed ths! haha I alternate between liners depending on what i'm doing. i have kohl pencils, softer formula pencils, felt tip liquid liners & brush liquid liners!
@hikaymm that's probably the difference. When I apply my eyeliner, I'm thinking I need to get out soon so I'm going fast. You're using liquid eyeliner. Do you prefer liquid over to the pencil?
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