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Be the first to comment with the correct English Translation and Romanization for the above word, and you'll win the badge. Winning means I will re-edit the picture with your user name, thus showing you were the first one to answer and get it correct.
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Hi everyone^^! I just wanted to let you know that if I didn't reply, it means the answer you gave is not completely correct and that other users can comment to try to get it right until I do reply. So @Nonabisi: The romanization is correct but the translation is a little bit wrong. You actually said more. 미소 is actually just a word and not a phrase. So, what word would that be? :D Anyone? Make sure to comment with both the romanization and translation :)
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Miso, o.o isn't it "smile"?
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@orlybayu: You got it^^b! 미소 (miso) means smile :) Congratulations^^.
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like this one ... << miso >>
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