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Annyeong my loves! I want to share my sister-in-law/best friend Yani aka Markson's fanfic called "Destined". So far, it's amazing!!! She just came out with chapter 3! Her UB is Mark from Got7, pretty obvious huh? lol Well I hope you guys enjoy it! Characters: Shin Min Young - Yani/Markson Park Taemi/Baby Yoongi - Me! Taemi c: Type of Fanfic: *Fluff* □■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□


Shin Min Young is a foreign exchange student from Detroit. She has always wanted to travel to Korea since she was a little girl. Her mom finally let's her move and her first day in Korea she runs into a tall, fit, and handsome young man. When she heard his voice her heart melted. She sees him a lot more often. She thinks to herself is this Destined?!

Ch.1 ~Flight to Seoul, Korea

Shin Min Young prov I can't believe I am actually here!!!!! I can't wait to make new friends!! My best friend Park Taemi (Baby.Yoongi) is also coming with me. This is going to be exciting!!! 14 Hours later I finally arrive in Korea my friend told me to meet her at the cafe 15 minutes away from the airport. As I am grabbing my luggage a tall, handsome, boy bumps into me making me drop my luggage and it lands everywhere. He says, " I'm so sorry. Let me help you." As soon as I heard his deep voice it send chills down my spine. I looked at his gorgeous blond hair and he looked at me and smiled. My face turned red, but I'm glad he didn't notice. When we picked up all of my things he looked at me and asked for my name. I told him my name and that my best friend calls me Baby.Markson. He was confused, but I had no time to explain. I realized that my friend was waiting for me so I told him that I had to go. Before I left I asked him for his name and he said," My name is Mark Tuan". He winked at me and smiled. I said nice meeting and see you around. I was really hoping to see him again!!!!! Mark's prov Shin Min Young. Wow she was gorgeous. Her brownish red skin, dark brown average hair length, and she is at least 5 inches shorter than me. She's not like the other girls I have encountered with. She has something special. I am more and more interested in her the more I think about her. As I am thinking Jackson runs up to me and tells me it's time to go. I just nodded my head and try to remember as much as I could about her. I hope we will meet again soon.

Ch.2~ You Again?!!

Shin Min Young prov Hey Baby.Markson!!!!!! What took you so long?!! Park Taemi came running up to me. I was grabbing my luggage when this gorgeous young man with blonde hair bumped into me and made me drop my luggage everywhere. He kept apologizing for making drop my suit case. I told him it was alright and then he asked me for my name. Then he told me his name. What was his name? Baby.Yoongi asked me. I believe he said his name was Mark Tuan. OMG!!! WHAT DID HE SOUND LIKE?!!!!! She asked me. His voice we was really deep and everytime he said something I can do that would get goose bumps. As we continued talking we ended up at a park. We sat on the swing set and swung. When I looked up I saw a body structure that I had seen early. My cheeks felt hot. Taemi knew that something was wrong because I kept looking away. He came closer to us and I tried to leave, but he already saw me. Hey . Your name is Shin Min Young right? Mark asked. Said yes and looked away. Park Taemi laughed out then whispered to me, That's him isn't it and I said yes. He asked us what were we talking about and we said nothing. He smiled and asked if he could push me on the swing. I said sure and he went behind me and pushed the swing. Did I mention that he's in a boy group called Got7. I absolutely love his group and my best friend Park Taemi's bias is YugYeom. While I was talking to Mark I noticed Taemi was gone and she was sitting on the park bench with Yug Yeom. A hour and 30 minutes had pass and I was ready to leave. Before we left Yug Yeom gave Taemi a hug and they exchanged numbers. Mark asked me for a hug. So I gave him one. I felt his hands move from my back to my waist. And then he whispered in my ear, can I have your number. Shivers went down my spine. I said yea. He still had his hands around my waist. Ummm..... You have to let go first I said smiling. He started laughing and let me go. After I gave him my number we said our goodbyes and left the park.

Ch.3~ Old Friends

Shin Min Young prov. I answered the phone.  Hello?  I answered. Iyana? A male voice asked. Yes whose this. I asked confused. Mark.  He said. Park Taemi looked at me with a curious face. I mouth to her Mark and she just nod. I ask him why did he call so soon. He said, "I just wanted to see if it was really you number." I asked him why would I give him a fake number.  Then Mark continued talking about how many times a girl would give him a fake number. I felt very tired and I wanted to know if that's all he wanted. He sounded sad when I asked. He said, Why you don't want to talk to me anymore.  I said no it's not that. I'm just tired. While we were talking on the phone I bumped into a familar face. Jackson!!!!!! I screamed almost dropping my phone. Jackson came to me and gave me a hug. Mark was still on the other line and asked me what was going on. I told him that I bumped into a old friend. Mark then asked me did I say Jackson and I said yes.  Then he asked me what was his last name. Wang I said. Jackson looked at me confused and asked Who was I on the phone with.  As soon as I was about to tell him Mark told me that him and Jackson are in the same group.  I was so surprised that I just stooded there with my mouth open. Jackson took the phone from me and said hello to the other person on the other line. When Jackson heard the other person he looked straight at me and said ,  How do you know Mark. I snapped out of my thinking and said, I just met him today. Jackson said cool we can all be friends!!!!! ^O^ Jackson looked for Park Taemi and when he found her she was as surprised as me. We talked to Jackson for a while and went to a restaurant for dinner. While Taemi talks to Jackson I call Mark. Hello he says. He  sounds like he's been sleeping. I ask him what was he doing and he said he just woke up because he realized he had to prepare his uniform for school. I asked him what school does he go to. He said, Seoul Music Academy Highschool. I then remembered that me and Park Taemi have to start school tomorrow. Jackson comes to me and ask were we going to school tomorrow and I said Yeah. He said he couldn't wait to tell everyone about us at school. We giggled and head to the apartment that we are going to be staying at . It's so beautiful me and Taemi say at the same time. Get settled into our rooms and put our uniforms up. As I was starting to fall asleep I got 2 messages. One from Mark and one from Jackson. Jackson's message said- Good night Baby. Markson (o_-). See you at school. Mark's message said- Good night Yani boo *^▁^*. Can't wait to see you at school. I thought to myself how does he know I'm going to that school and then I remembered what Jackson told me earier. I can't believe he already has a nickname for me. I smiled to myself, texted them back a simple good night and went to bed.

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Chapter 4 coming soon!

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