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English name: "Myriad Colors Phantom World"

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

You can't believe everything you see, or can't see, for that matter. In Musaigen no Phantom World, Phantoms, beings that blur the line between illusion and reality, wander around right under the noses of unsuspecting humans. Their origins are mysterious and few can see themーthat is, until a research facility bombing spreads a virus that grants the ability to. Humans with special powers are given the task of sealing the troublemaking Phantoms.
Haruhiko Ichijou is one such Phantom Hunter. Not a very good one, however. Possessing a wealth of useless knowledge, a tendency to go off on tangents, and a rather slow Phantom-sealing ability, he and his rambunctious teammate Mai Kawakami are at the bottom of the Phantom Hunter ladder at Hosea Academy. In order to become stronger, they recruit new teammates and develop new powers, only to stumble upon secrets surrounding Phantoms and the circumstances surrounding the mysterious bombing of the Alayashiki Research Facility.

Status: Completed (13 Episodes)


A school club with the mission of sealing "phantoms" that cause trouble for society, simple right? That's because only concept that comes close to being called a plot. Not saying that's a bad thing but it did bother me at first...until I actually kept watching. It might not have an actual plot besides what I have mentioned, but because of it, each episode feels fresh, specially with the fact that at the beginning of each episode, the protagonist, Haruhiko, gives you a hint of what that episode will be about with some information about human psychology and the super-natural.


There are a lot of characters in here but this was the most disappointing section for me. You get to know the 6 people in the phantom sealing club and introduced (very slightly) to some of the supporting characters or extras without a purpose. For the sake of the story? Remember, no plot. I did enjoy being introduced to them at first but as the anime goes on, it just falls flat. No character development, no specific purpose for the main 6 and yes, they all have different abilities but that's the only feature that makes each one of them unique. Furthermore, I feel as if they had no personalities. However, even with all that said, their chemistry is the only factor I can praise and it's because of the hilarious banters and interactions they have with each other.


Unlike the characters section, the sound is what you would expect from a high quality anime. Starting with the OP, "Naked Dive" by SCREEN mode, is one of the most enjoyable (if not THE most) tracks I've heard in a while. People probably don't know these guys as they are still rookies in the industry but man I see great things coming from them. I couldn't stop singing it on my mind and the catchy tune. The ED, "Junshin Always (純真Always)" by Azusa Tadokoro, is just as catchy as the OP. Azusa is also the voice of "Ruru" in the anime which you will end up loving when you watch the anime. Lastly, the sounds (voice acting, ambiance music, sound effects, etc.) is pretty damn good, maybe excluding the part where there's not much ambiance music, at least in a big scale.

-Reasons to Watch-

Let me tell you that when I found this, I came for the action + supernatural + mystery but stayed for the comedy. The other genres are still there but the comedy is everywhere and for me, it was just this innocent and classic anime humor with some obvious call for attention with some fan-service BUT for those who are tired or hate fan-service like I do, don't worry, its not as serious as other animes. You will not see side oppais or panties, the most would be some sexual innuendos which is the right level in my opinion.
Something I haven't mentioned has to the visuals. They are breath-taking, not a surprise with the fact that the anime comes from "Kyoto Animation" basically a power house in the anime industry. The background looks literally like a painting and the effects when they use abilities is so colorful and flashy. Also, I mentioned before that at the beginning of each episode, Haruhiko gives you a hint of the "theme" of the episode with some interesting fact or info referencing psychology and myths, is another detail I loved about the anime. The fact that each episode has a different theme and to come up with an episode with each of them is pretty creative.
Lastly, for those in doubt, just give this a chance. Even though it has its flaws, it doesn't stop it from being a very enjoyable and hilarious anime. Recommend it to everyone unless you hate animes without any "plot" or character development, and even then, I think its worth watching.


* Fantastic visuals and sound
* Great chemistry between characters
* Fricking Hilarious


* Characters are disappointing (Very little development, no personality)
* No "actual" plot (which might annoy some people)
* Ending feels rushed

An anime that shows us an anime doesn't have to have a plot to be so enjoyable and funny!

Hope You Enjoy~

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