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Translated by Bladerunner at Soompi article source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130710n19628 For their final memories, Taecyeon and Guigui went on a romantic farewell trip. Inside the train that's headed towards the valley, Guigui gifts Taecyeon with a pair of couple shoes as their last gift. "In Taiwan, giving someone a pair of shoes means that you are sending someone off" and "I prepared this because later when you wear these shoes, i felt we would be able to think of each other." The two who were camping outdoors in the valley, confessed to each other about their feelings inside the tent. "I wanted to tell you that i'm thankful to you for always being so bright and energetic," said Taecyeon. Guigui expressed her gratitude by saying, "Although our language are different, I want to thank you for always caring and looking after me. And thank you for always listening to my requests." As soon as Taecyeon said, "Thank you for marrying me" maybe realizing that the end is near, tears started to flow from Guigui's eyes. In the backroom interview with the crew, expressed his regret by saying, "I'm just sorry that i couldn't have done better." At the train station where the parting takes place, Taecyeon said, "As we go on living, there's a chance that we might be able to meet again at a different train station." Guigui who shed tears as soon as she heard the words of farewell, cried throughout the filming on the final day, making Taecyeon feel more heartbroken.