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Genre: Angst, Vampire AU, Slight horror
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Length: 1409 words
Summary: Love bites? Like hell it does.
Part: 2/?
Y/n’s POV
I stood there, staring at Jungkook, when a deep voice from behind us made me jump. “Jungkook.” I forced myself to tear my eyes off Jungkook for a millisecond, to look behind me.
It was one of the boys that had been with Jungkook at the party. “Taehyung. I could hear you lurking five minutes ago. Go back. I’m busy”, Jungkook noticeably huskier voice commanded the boy. Suddenly a pale boy appeared on my left, literally out of nowhere.
Just as quickly, another boy, appeared on my right. I was clearly outnumbered, but had no idea why they were all surrounding me like this. “Why are you all here?”, Jungkook demanded angrily, the veins in his neck getting darker by the second.
I turned around to find that it wasn’t just four of them. Three additional boys were stood next to the one called ‘Taehyung’. They all looked so...other-worldly, so ethereal. But at the same time, they looked dangerous, sinister.
“She’s mine”, Jungkook growled to the small crowd. He sounded almost feral. I stumbled back slightly, and he threw his head back, letting out a guttural laugh. “You like me”, he crooned, an almost nasty sneer on his face. “You find me attractive. It’s written all over your face.”
I heard a slight whoosh from behind me and suddenly a taller boy was stood, arm around Jungkook’s shoulder. He had been right next to Taehyung a second ago. “Namjoon-hyung”, Jungkook spoke as if he had been expecting this boy. His eyes never left my own, even when this Namjoon started to speak.
My eyes flitted to Jungkook neck. Then Namjoon’s. Both boys prominent veins were getting darker and darker, to the point where II started to think that they had ink running through them, not blood.
Namjoon smirked as he breathed the words “Turn her.” My breath hitched and all the boys I got see in my peripheral vision shot their heads up to look at me. I glanced at the ones on my left and right. Their eyes were wanting, hungry.
I tried to steady my breathing, as I stepped back again. This was to no avail of course, because there were boys stood behind me as well. But Jungkook...Jungkook looked the most dangerous right now. The whites of his large eyes had disappeared and I was now staring at a black abyss.
“I’ve never seen you more attracted to a damn human”, Namjoon’s dee voice spoke in Jungkook’s ear. Jungkook was borderline panting, and it honestly felt like if Namjoon wasn’t holding him back, Jungkook would pounce.
I had bit my lip so harshly at this point that without even realising it, I had broke the skin. A warm, slow trickle of blood travelled down my bottom lip, and before I could wipe at it, I had been grabbed harshly from behind.
“Jungkookie”, a voice growled right next to my ear. I was struggling to get out of his grip, but he didn’t even seem fazed. “You’re taking too long.”
“Jimin...”, Namjoon warned. “Let go of her”, Jungkook snarled, pushing Namjoon off him. I cried out in pain as the boy they called Jimin twisted my arm upwards at an awkward angle.
“So fragile”, he sneered. “I could just break y-”
Before my brain could process what was happening Jungkook was right in front of me, his whole body touching mine, and Jimin had let go. I couldn’t help myself as I turned around again. The boys that had been behind my were now parted on either side- probably to avoid being hit my Jimin’s body.
Jimin himself cursed and got up, brushing himself off and I gasped at how far away he had landed. I swear Jungkook had hardly touched him, and he had landed at least 20 metres away from us. What the hell?
I admit it. I was shit scared. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be? And I had been put off social events for life. The one arty I turned up too, and this was the result. I didn’t have to be a genius to figure out that tonight I was gonna end up hurt or dead.
I turned around slowly to find Jungkook’s handsome, yet ominous, face right near mine. His dark eyes flitted to my bust lip, and he slowly started moving closer. He really didn’t seem to give a damn that six other boys were staring at him.
His movements were precise and calculating, as he slowly licked my bottom lip at the site of the cut, never breaking eye contact. The moan that escaped his lips made me gasp. It sounded sinful, like I was pleasuring him right in the middle of the street.
I tried to pull back, embarrassed but all he had to was put a hand out and place it lazily on my shoulder to ensure I couldn’t move. His shoulders heaved as he looked down at me.
“J-jungkook”, I managed to choke out, my voice betraying me. I think that was the first time I had spoken since the other boys had made an appearance. There was no one on my left, seeing as Jimin had been standing there before he grabbed me, so I was plotting all kinds of crazy ideas to get out of this creepy situation.
All I needed was a car or something to go past, startle them, and I could hide somewhere nearby until they left. But I had come to know that these boys senses were I doubted I could actually get away from they even if the opportunity arose.
He bought me closer to him again, and this time, he took the whole bottom lip in his mouth, and he sucked on it, his face contorted in pure pleasure once more.
I felt my lip starting to go numb as I weakly pushed at him to stop. The sensation was...strange. I had my eyes shut and had momentarily forgotten we weren’t alone.
“Jungkook, stop, her lip’s starting to go blue”, a voice to my right commanded. Jungkook pulled back and let go of me as I swayed on the spot but maintained my balance.
The world seemed hazy as I blinked harshly a couple of times to bring everything into focus. “Turn her”, Namjoon said again. “You won’t find another like her that you’re attracted to this much.” He sounded like he was speaking from experience.
“Turn me?” I asked, while feeling my lip with the pads of my fingers. I couldn’t feel the skin on skin contact- it truly had gone numb. It felt swollen and I felt weird as I spoke, but I tried anyway.
“Yes, turn you”, the pale boy spoke in a bored monotone. My heart beat intensified even more. The boy smirked like he could hear it- he probably could.
“Turn me into what? D-do I get a say in this?” They all through their heads back and laughed, like I had just told the joke of the century. Jungkook was the first to turn serious.
He turned to the pale boy. “Should I do it here Yoongi-hyung?” Ah. So this prick’s name was Yoongi. He sighed in response. “Just knock her out here. We’ll take her home, tie her up, then turn her. You know what a mess new vampires can be.”
My blood ran cold. Of course the word had crossed my mind, but I didn’t dwell on it until Yoongi said it. “No. No fucking way. You’re not taking me anywhere!” I yelled, finding my ability to speak.
I turned, out of pure fear, and almost walked into Jungkook. He really needed to stop doing that. He grabbed me by the shoulders to keep me in place. “This won’t hurt one bit, Jagi.” he opened his mouth and revealed two knife-like incisors.
I stared wide-eyed in horror as he came closer. In my panic, I kicked his knee with all the strength I could muster- he didn’t even react. No flinch, no hiss of pain, nothing.
“Stop!” I cried. From what I knew, vampires were the living dead. Jungkook was going to kill me. I felt a sharp stabbing sensation in my carotid artery. And seeing as that supplied blood to the brain, I felt myself going limp in Jungkook’s arms.
The last thing I saw before everything blacked out, was Jungkook’s lust filled gaze, and his mouth forming the words, “It’s going to be alright.”
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oh my gosh o-o this is.... HOW MANY TIMES. MUST YOU MAKE ME. ADDICTED TO A NEW STORY 😢😂😢😂😢
ohmygoash! "save me save me~ I need your love before I fall~ fall~" xD rn, I wouldn't mind being turned into a vampire to be with jungkook~ but in reality I'd be effin scared and probably try everything to get away xD mind is blank...this plus the Save Me MV in one morning... 👌
truly love this please write more.
yes we going are going to be vampires
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