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After jogging around the park the Sunday I stopped by a beauty boutique in my neighborhood and found an interesting product. Meringue Cloud Mask. It is an all-in-one mask that deep cleanse and radiate dull skin. The deep cleanse happens when the mask foams up. It sounds pretty intriguing so I purchased it.
Despite being a cleansing mask the instruction stated to wash you face before applying the sheet. It's still a foam cleanser, so I will first clean my face with St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub. This will exfoliate any dead skin cells and prep my skin for the mask. After tearing out the pack you can see the sheet texture resembles a typical sheet mask. The material is made from cotton and essence watery and sticky.

After 10 minutes.

I was reading a book in the living room and my husband came home and started cracking up. He said, "Did you forget to wash your face?" I told him I am doing a mask. He looks confused, walked over and tried to touch my face. I resisted. I took off the mask after 15 minutes and my face was still covered in foam residue. Before rinsing off the the residue I tried massaging my face and it started to foam again. The same type of cleansing effect from a regular foam cleanser. After washing everything off my skin did not feel tight. Which is nice. I thought leaving foam on my face for 15 minutes will be super drying. Instead, it left a healthy glow. This may be due to AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids), a moisturizing and exfoliating ingredient in the pack. FYI, this ingredient does make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so a sunscreen must be used during the day. In conclusion, this was a nice experience. I would try this again but maybe for special occasion since it's triple the cost of regular mask. In addition, it's just a fancier way of cleaning your face. Nothing special. It would be a cool item to take to travel. Since it's lighter and more convenient than a container. Product: 7/10 Price: 7/10
@MyAffairWith definitely!
I can see that. I would also use this for a special event as well! And I also love the idea of using it when traveling!
Love the idea of using these when travelling.