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As everyone in vingle procedes to die with the suddenly release of BTS' Save Me
The call for help is so damn real
And for the release of this mv CALL TO ALL ARMYS TO GET #THANKYOUBTS TRENDING ON TWITTER check out @mrsjeon's card here
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Anybody who does this and/or sees this the credit goes to @mrsjeon I just searched my collection so I could give recognition where it should be~
thank u for reminding *hugs* I thought I was the only one who was gonna do it tbh
@mrsjeon Of course not! I screenshotted it to remind myself and right when the mv dropped I remembered about it and did it right away! ^-^
ugh u are awesome; -; like ♡♡♡♡
Ahhhh I wasn't ready DX But the mv is way too beautiful and the song is just heaven in my ears 😍😍