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Kiss already you were almost close too!!!!

I love this ship!!!!!

Why kill me with these feels!!???

Just go out already!!!

I love them so much!!!! Appa and eomma!!!!!

I can see them getting married already!!!! Omg I'm too deep in the fandom! Oh well I'll chill here then. Anyways anyone can guess who gonna be the bride and the groom or more like who's bottom and who's top 😏 (ahhhh I need holy water!) IGOT7 Team: @Luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @ManduBum @AaliyahNewbell @VeronicaArtino @UnnieCakeAli
@AaliyahNewbell I think I have a new found love for junior and jb! 😍😍😫😫
@LinnyOk. lmaooo!!.. you want smutty stuff check her collection out if you haven't @twistedPuppy. . I recommend her stories..
@twistedPuppy haha..yes I saw that too..and Jackson was actually loving it you had to see his face. there's an entire video about it in youtube published somewhere here..but to find
@luna1171 I like the part were it says that Jackson had to pull him back xD
@luna1171 that alot of vidoe lol okay so it's starting but it isn't sailing xD
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