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hello ! i'm sorry these lockscreens took so long ! i was on a school trip to washington dc (if you live in the US you'll know) and i just got back so i was pretty tired but all good now ! thanks to those who requested ! sorry again that these took a while !
requested by : @QueenLee image(s) : jeon hojoon (topp dogg), jo onejunn (boys republic) i wasn't sure if you wanted to separate ones or one with both of them so i just did both kinds
requested by : @AmberRelynn image : kaisoo (kim jongin and do kyungsoo of EXO)
requested by : @FalseLove image(s) : min yoongi (bts), bambam (got7), song ji-eun (secret), kim hyojung (sistar)
requested by : @marisamusic image : zhang yixing (exo)
requested by : @kpop2001 image(s) : min yoongi (bts), ahn hyejin (mamamoo), shin jimin (aoa), tiffany hwang (snsd)
because the "save me" MV literally just came out i thought i should make some lockscreens with lyrics from the song. enjoy! disclaimer - these are not my drawings or pieces of artwork all credit goes to the artist :-) translation creds - the video in the media
i took these down because i realized i didn't have permissiom from the aritist to use their pieces.
that's all i'm doing for now ! i'd love it if more people requested this time ! i had a lot of fun making these and i hope you guys like them ! if you're going to request please consider my rules before you do ! 1) must be requested on the latest lockscreen or the one directly before 2) requests must be 5 lockscreens or lower (i'm sorry i'm making this a rule >.< but i have school and some after school things) 3) this is more optional but it would be helpful to list the group the idol is in (of course it's not gonna work for people who are actors 눈_눈) thanks to all the requested ! if you want to be tagged or untagged in these posts just lmk!
That Jimin lockscreen was cute!!!
i was with my class so we went and saw a bunch of memorials and went to the smithsonian museums @Isolate
Hopefully I'm not asking for too much!
These are amazing! Can you make another background for me? Just one with GOT7, BIGBANG, BTS, and 2NE1?
can you please do taeny, wheesa, seulrene, bomzy, and davichi please?
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