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This song was already good and now it has a MV.....excuse me for a moment *go cries in a corner* ㅠㅠ Okay I'm back lol
The MV was absolutely amazing and I'm pretty sure the text on Kookies shirt meant something but honestly I'm not going to try and figure that out right now. I'm just going to enjoy the song lol
This song really makes me happy because of one thing. EQUALITY!!!! Every member got equal time to shine. You heard everybody's voice perfectly. It sounded like it was composed for the whole group and not just one person. Now I'm not saying this has been a problem for every BTS song but has haapened before. I thunk becsiee this song is for ARMYs they gave it their all and really tried their hardest and I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!!


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@Vixxstarlight1 I saw that....I hope they get the rest they need.
I am - I'm trying recover from the mv and the Jre reaction plus big hit decided to drop it on my 21st birthday
@SimplyAwkward Happy Birthday! and yep JRE's reaction was on point
@Vixxstarlight1 I hope they give them a vacation after this
I love this I want to hold their hands...