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if you follow my snapchat (reecee_kpop) i hinted a few weeks ago that I had an amazing announcement for you guys well here it is! KpopJunkiesTV is now partnered with DIA TV. DIA TV is a networking organization under CJ E&M (who basically controls a huge chunk of the entertainment industry in Korea) Creators include: Mukbang star Banzz, Korean Beauty Youtuber heyitsfeiii, Youtuber whitneybae, Korean Dance Group 1Million & Megan Bowen AKA chonunmigooksaram....ibnida (lol) The partnership became offical on April 14th and during this whole month I have been making plans and trying out new things and I have decided that 1 will do LESS reactions and more original content (vlogs, concert footage, interviews, etc) now that I have HUGE network of awesome content creators to interact with. I am moving to Dallas, Texas in late July so I will have better opportunities there and I will be able to give you guys amazing content. I thank all of you guys who have supported KpopJunkiesTV since the beginning and also new supporters. \'.'/