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GaLe💙 Texting📱
Gajeel: A message from Levy.....? (Levy's text message) Levy: Guess who is moving to a new shiny and bigger apartment for their ginormous book collection?! YES, ME! \(^u^*)/ Im sending you a pic of my progress! Come and Help me! (Gajeel texting her back) Gajeel:....Dammit, I gotta wait till tomorrow. So cold shower it will be.
(Gajeels Text Message) Gajeel: Then we gotta celebrate properly, Shrimp. Tomorrow im going to f**k you for a few hours so get some good damn rest, you'll need it. geehee Levy: WHA-WHAT THE....?! WHAT WHY?! W-Was it because of that selfie I sent?! But it wasn't even sexy! I was so s-sweaty and tired too! (In Levy's Head: Ugh that idiot!! You big pervert stupid Gajeel!! And why is my heart beating so fast?! Im hopeless.) Levy: Stupid Gajeel, you're making me a pervert. (Levy's Text Message) Levy: You're an idiot. Come back soon❤ I miss you.
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gajeel the of pimpmaster
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