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She had me make her a sunflower cake because of what a sunflower represents. being 20 for her is starting a new life's journey. she is trying hard to get custody of 2 family that no one wants because of who their parents are. I believe she will do will in raising these family members. She maybe only 20 but she has been raised to be an inspirational person and she has the support of everyone she know. Our King Tiger Dojang is not just a gym for people to come in and take lessons. We are family. If someone needs help we are there for them. As the after school instructor for 2 years, her students have also come to support Instructor Cara in her decision in take the responsibility of family. I have been told many times by many people Cara is a rarity. The older she get I can see that. Though she has 3 older siblings and a younger one, she was raised as an only child but she was raised to understand that the world does not revove around her and there are worse of people in this world who go without on a daily basis. she has wittnessed me giving my last dollar to many people and me go without just toballow someone to have a drink. i know I will be getting that dollar back again the next day by her.
Pic 1: Me (Cara's mom), Cara (Happy Birthday Baby Girl), Rura Lee-Park (Master Lee) and Laura (King Tiger Adult Student)....The women Cara says she hopes to be like in the future when raising our family members. Pic 2: Deigo (Laura's husband, Also a King Tiger Adult Student), Rusty (Cara's step-dad and King Tiger Adult Student) and Fredrico (Laura's son & Adult Student at King Tiger) Pic 3: Master Park (Seongkeun Park, Baby Noah & Rura Park (Master Lee). Pic 4: Cara's Cousin Alex, Master Park, Antonella (Laura's daughter) and Cara. Pic 5: Master Park's mom, Rura & Noah, Fredrico, Deigo, Alexander, Seongkeun Park and in the back Amanda (Alexander's cousin. Pic 6: Baby Noah, Pic 7: Gonzalo (Laura's 2nd son, Alexander and me....I stop her because everyone has been introduced.....Laura Thank you for the pictures.
The Food and Entertainment
Picture 7....Fredrico and Alexander each had a cupcake and smashed it in cara's face....luckily it was her favor cake....red velvet and vanilla pudding filling....She got them back....Alexander ended up with one of the cupcakes on his head and Fredrico tripped and got ice cream dumped on him.
She's so lucky that she has someone that believes in her so much! That cake idea was seriously adorable.
@dandidee Thank you