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What I Learned From Losing My Phone

After a two week social hiatus I decided it would be a good idea to go out. You know, do young people things and meet some new "friends". Lately I've been holing myself up and trying to avoid alcohol and people.
For some reason, the two are inexplicably linked.
I decided I was going to go up to the local gay bar and see one of the RuPaul queens who was performing there. Seemed like a good choice.
After all was said and done I definitely had a bit too much to drink. We all have those moments where we succumb to our own chaos and end up creating a bit of a mess.
I think I left my phone on the bar, or dropped it when I was getting into my Uber. The funny thing is that I remember calling the Uber, and my phone was in my hand and magic, it just wasn't.
The next morning I woke up and I felt like I was dying. My limbs were akimbo and it was clear I had slept in my party dress. Of course, the first thing I needed to do was get in the shower and steam out all of the toxins. This was an integral part of my morning routine in college when I would pull this sort of behavior four nights a week, as young people do.
It was about noon before I realized I had actually lost my phone, and not dreamed about it.
"Ah damn it. God damn it." I said as I reached for the land line that my aunt and uncle thankfully still have, due to a package deal with their TV and Internet provider.
"Yeah, dad I lost my phone. I'll probably never see it again, so what should I do. Do I have insurance?"
"Uh, yeah we'll call the insurance company and see what we can do."
A few hours later I found myself restless. What was I going to do all day if I couldn't check social media and complain via Twitter? Isn't this what I have devolved to: feeling totally disconnected without my little pocket world?
I finally got on the computer and checked my e-mail, you know, for possible job offers or important correspondence that usually just buzzes on my phone screen. Nothing. Of course.
A few more hours pass and in the afternoon sun I realize that I might just want to stay off the grid for a while. No phone, no problems right? I don't really need one to survive. I can make due with my computer. It's not like I have to answer to a lot of people or anything.
Then a thought ran through my head, maybe I should just get a flip phone or a blackberry. Maybe I should just move up to Sonoma county and only use my typewriter for a little while. That sounds good right?
Then I thought about the notifications that show up on a home screen, and how they'll pile up. I thought about how people would start to wonder whether I was relevant or not if I disappeared for a little while. Then I thought about people looking at me for social media jobs, and realizing that I couldn't even keep up with my own.
I guess the luxury of not having a phone was more impractical than I thought.
It's been two days, and I haven't missed it one bit. Sure it's nice to be connected, and it's sad that I lost all of my photos and that from my adventures over the past year, but it's really okay because everything is connected in my brain. At least, I think it is.
As much as people bitch about the disconnection that occurs when we plug in to our phones, they are a necessary evil in this day and age. We connect with employers, our friends and our families. But there is a cost to it, we tend to compare ourselves to others more often, we get jealous and bored of where our lives are. It's a connection to the things we want everyone to see, and it's a distraction from the things that actually are. Losing my phone has taught me that what we see online is just an expertly curated bit of bullshit. It takes a lot more courage to face the facts.
I lived without a cell phone for a year. Landline or actually physical face to face communication was what I had. It wasn't too bad. But then was back before smart phones were really in use and affordable. before the 3G or 4G era. I had my computer and dialup internet to keep me amused. I think we've come to friend on these device way too much but then I probably would have gotten lost, again, in L.A. two months ago.
@EstefanOlivares that's not the point! hahahah I have a lot of stuff to do this week, and I can't like get anywhere because I don't have my phone. So I'm using mapquest. Isn't that funny? hahah h
@KDramaKPop1015 Definitely, it's all about the irony you know? Because in order to see this, you have to be on social media. I'm obsessed too, you bring up a great point.
This is a great post. Which is ironic because that means you, @TessStevens, and all the viewers that have read, liked, and clipped this are still logging onto social media to feel connected. I for one certainly am addicted in my own way to social media.
reminds me when I lost my debit card and cell phone ......
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If you are about to graduate this year, then we’d like to congratulate you. You have successfully managed to cope with the tough and daunting four years of your life, or maybe more for a few students. But there is still a semester to go and you have to give your best shot to get a degree with good grades. For this, you need to make sure that you do not slack off on your school homework and deliver them on time. As senioritis might not be an actual disease but it sneaks up to you when you have least expected it. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, you might be suffering from it today and you don’t know about it. So, look out for the symptoms below and if you can relate with any of them, it might already be too late. 1. Procrastination, Procrastination and Procrastination If you are finishing up your assignments at the eleventh hour, you’re officially a part of the worst club of school – seniorities. And it is not something you should be proud of. Researching and composing content before a night not only increases your chances of failure but can also launch stress and anxiety. Although you can get the best UK law essay help for the law coursework or any other type of homework, you need to get back on track. 2. Failure to Keep Electronic Devices Aside You may feel that your hands are numb and your mind is fighting against your thoughts when you decide to turn off the TV or lay your phone aside. This is where senioritis is at its peak, making it impossible for you to follow up on your decisions. Here, you can do nothing but stay in that position for endless hours. 3. Inability to Remember Due Dates How are you supposed to remember the deadlines when you can barely remember to brush your hair before leaving the house? This happens when you are infected with senioritis and are unable to retain important information for a longer period. It cannot only mess up your project due dates but you might forget to take the lunch to the school or leave your keys behind while you are trying to unlock the car. 4. Trouble in Waking Up Early Studies suggest that seniorities can raise your energy levels at night, making you sleepless or irritated when you are trying to rest. As a result, you may feel dizzy in the morning and feel low in energy upon waking up. This disease has also reportedly increased intake of caffeine in last year students by almost 50 per cent. 5. Excessive Desire to Bunk Classes Have you ever tried to make excuses about false sickness or accidents so that you can skip classes and stay at home? Sadly, this is one of the ways of seniorities in students. You will find yourself reaching the maximum number of absences allowed or even exceeding it sometimes. By doing so, you not only set up a poor impression on your teacher but ruin your performance as well. 6. Lack of Motivation Whether you are having a hard time making yourself attend a school or preparing for the next big exam, seniorities are to blame. Lack of motivation and commitment is common among individuals who are infected with seniorities. However, what you can do is to surround yourself with high-esteemed and energetic fellows so that you stay motivated until graduation. 7. No Interest in Reading Lengthy Documents When you were enrolled in the program, you used to read the research papers and lengthy articles within a few minutes. So, what has happened now that you run from such documents? Well, it is definitely seniorities that is keeping you from concentrating. You may also have a shorter attention span and experience blurry vision when you try to focus on a document for too long. 8. Sense of Superiority Seniorities can make you feel like you are above and superior to everyone in the campus. When you start acting so, you automatically become egoistic and develop an attitude that has no basis. Cutting freshmen in the lunch lines and avoiding anyone less than your ‘class’ becomes a routine. Not only this but reaching the classroom 10 minutes late is nothing unusual for you. 9. Loss of Interest in Physical Appearance Repetition of clothes within a week is the most common symptom of an individual going through seniorities. Moreover, boys feel more comfortable wearing sweatpants to school and girls care less about wearing makeup each day. Therefore, if you have been least interested in maintaining and grooming yourself lately, then you might also be infected. What’s positive is that seniorities are not life-threatening and will usually go away with time. Fast forward to the graduation day, you would be all dressed up and excited for the ceremony. Until then, you have to push yourself to attend classes, complete assignments on time, look after your appearance and know that college is about to finish. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More Article About 6 Strategies to Get The Best Work From Your Students
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(솔직히 이루다 흥행은 디자인부 캐리다. 개귀엽게 그렸음.) 출처: 이루다 개발진 블로그 ..와 더불어 이제부터 본 개붕이가 얼마나 전공지식을 쉽고 짧게 풀어쓸수 있는지도 함께 알아보도록 하자. 선 3줄요약: 1. 유저가 문자를 보내면 2. 지금까지의 유저와 이루다간의 대화내용을 전부 스캔하고 3. a)데이터베이스에서 b)제일 그럴듯한 답변을 c)딥러닝으로 찾은뒤 답장한다. 사실 이 글은 여기서 끝내도 됨. 왜냐고? 진짜 저 세줄요약이 다임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나머지는 정확도를 올리기 위한 개발자들의 처절한 몸부림에 불과함 그러나 강건너 불구경이 제일 재밌는 법. 이 개발자들이 이루다를 만들어내기 위해 어떤 수학적 몸부림을 쳤는지 디테일하게 알아볼까? a) 데이터베이스에서 모델을 학습하기 위해 총 2억 개의 세션(문맥 + 응답)을 선별하였습니다. 일단 이루다가 뭘 보고 학습했는지부터 알아보자. 블로그에서는 자세한 디테일은 알려주지 않고 2억개의 문맥+응답 데이터셋만 선별해서 학습했다고 함. 그러면 우리가 할수 있는건 추론 뿐인데, 다른 블로그 포스트에 따르면 저희가 처음에 루다를 기획했을 때, 루다 페르소나에 대한 여러 고민이 있었어요. 일단 주 사용자층이 넓게는 10~30대, 좁게는 10대 중반~20대 중반으로 생각했기 때문에 가운데인 20살 정도가 사용자들이 친근감을 느낄 수 있는 나이라고 생각했어요. ..이라고 하네. 즉, 예상을 해 본다면 개발자들은 거대한 데이터베이스 중에서 20대 여성이 주체인 대화만 뽑으니 2억개 학습 데이터가 확보됐다고 볼수 있음. 2억개 정도면 구글같은 인터넷 전체를 대상으로 학습시키고 있는 애들보다야 당연히 적은 숫자지만 그래도 학습 시키기에는 차고 넘침. 부럽다 ㅅㅂ 데이터 어디서 구했누??? 페이스북한테 돈주고 샀나? b) 제일 그럴듯한 답변을 원빈과 로버트 패틴슨은 우리 개붕이들과 비교하면 압도적으로 잘생겼다는건 누구나 다 아는 사실이다. 그리고 둘이 각각 "다른 방향으로" 잘생겼다는것도 모두 동의할 것이다. 만약에 "다른 방향"으로 잘생겼다면, 그 방향의 각도는 얼마나 될까? 애초에 수학과 거리가 멀어보이는 사람 얼굴인데 둘 사이에 각도라는게 존재는 할까? 이제부터 슬슬 재밌어지기 시작함. 이루다가 어떻게 제일 그럴듯한 답변을 뽑아내는지 생각해보기 전에, 다음 질문을 한번 고민해보자. 사람 얼굴은 몇차원일까? "3차원 아님?" 당연히 물리적으로는 3차원이지만, 여기서 말하는 차원은 그 데이터를 표현하는데 필요한 숫자의 갯수임. 3차원 공간에 있는 점 하나를 표현하기 위해선 x, y, z 숫자 세개가 필요하므로 3차원. 하지만 같은 공간에 있는 삼각형은 점 하나마다 숫자가 3개 필요하니 총 9차원짜리 데이터임. 본 개붕이는 대학을 미국에서 다니고 있어서 한국 수능에 과목이 몇개 있는지는 정확히 모르지만 구글 검색을 해보니 한국사, 국어, 수학, 영어 + 탐구영역 2개 + 제2외국어가 있다고 하니 개붕이들의 수능 점수는 최대 7차원짜리 데이터가 됨. (이쯤 와서 눈치챈 게이들도 있겠지만 현실에 있는 대부분의 데이터는 초고차원 데이터임. 사람 뇌가 직관적으로 볼수 없는 데이터다 보니 수학의 힘을 빌리는 거. 응용수학에서는 몇십년동안 하고있던걸 요즘 AI라고 포장해서 완전 신기술인거마냥 팔고있는거임.) 그래서 아무튼 사람 얼굴은 몇차원일까(=사람 얼굴은 숫자 몇개로 표현이 가능할까)? 해법 1. 단순하게 생각해서 얼굴 사진 안에 얼굴 있잖아? 그럼 표현 된거지? 그러므로 사진을 이루는 픽셀 갯수 = 사람 얼굴 차원 이다! 어거지같지만 이론적으로 틀린건 아니다. 아무튼간에 표현 했으니까 됐지 뭘 더 바람? 하지만 실용적으로는 장점보다 단점이 더 많음. 한번 장단점을 비교해볼까? 장점: 단순함. 이미지로 곧바로 변환 가능함. 모든 얼굴을 표현할수 있음(사진이니까) 단점: 한국 증명사진 최소 픽셀 크기가 94x113 인데 그러면 94x113=10622차원임. 아무리 생각해도 사람 얼굴 표현하는데 숫자가 만개나 필요할것 같진 않음. 존나게 비효율적인것도 있고 무엇보다도 차원이 커질수록 수학 연산들이 우리가 생각한대로 작동하지 않게 되고 데이터 구조가 비선형적일 가능성이 커짐(차원의 저주). 장점보다 단점이 너무 커서 다른 방법이 필요함. 다른 방법이 필요한데... 그 해답은 심즈같은 게임들의 커스터마이징에서 찾아볼수 있음. 해법 2. 요즘 게임 커마 보면 대부분의 얼굴 표현할수 있더만? 그러므로 커마 슬라이더 갯수 = 표현하는데 필요한 숫자 갯수 = 얼굴 차원이다! 확실히 이런식으로 표현하니 10622차원에서 많이 줄었음. 근데 단점이 없는건 아님. 장점: 검은사막같은 게임들 커마 슬라이더 갯수 많아봐야 50개~60개 하지 않음? 그러면 ~60차원까지 많이 줄었으니 177배 줄었음. 쌉이득이네? 단점: 대부분의 얼굴이지 모든 얼굴이 아님. 1번 해법으로 하면 모든 얼굴을 표현할수 있지만 이 해법으로는 길가다가 보이는 진짜 창의적으로 못생긴 애들 외모는 표현해내기 힘듬.  즉, 이 문제는 숫자의 갯수를 최소화시키면서 최대한 많은 얼굴 범위를 커버할수 있는 방법을 찾는 문제임. 근데 공돌이들이 성형외과 의사도 아니고 그걸 어떻게 알어? 어? 근데? 최소화 시키면서 최대화 시킨다? 최적화 문제네? 문제에서 솔솔 나는 미적분의 냄새를 맡은 컴공들은 이걸 수학적으로 발견할 방법을 찾아냈고 그게 뭐냐면 해법 3. ???: 네? 이걸 100배 이상으로 압축시키고 멀쩡하게 복원시키라고요? 제가요? 뭐긴뭐야 인공신경망 딥러닝이지. 오토인코더(Autoencoder)라고 불리는 형태인데 학습 알고리즘은 다음과 같아(비전공자 ver.). 인공 신경망을 위와 같이 중간에 병목이 생기도록(압축을 시키도록) 디자인을 한다 해법 1의 이미지를 통째로 신경망에 집어넣는다(위 사진에서는 28x28=784차원 이미지) 그리고 신경망보고 최대한 원래 이미지를 복구시키라고 한다 그러면 이 신경망은 복구를 최대한 잘해내기 위해서 제일 효율적인 압축법을 터득한다 병목 부분에서 주어진 차원에 맞는 제일 효율적인 데이터 표현법이 등장하게 된다 이런식으로 만들어진 표현법은 설계를 제대로 했으면 이런것도 가능함 무엇보다도 이렇게 학습되어서 나온 데이터들은 벡터처럼 다룰 수 있음. 이게 굉장히 중요한데, 곧 있으면 알게 될거임. 그 전에 질문의 답먼저 내놓고 가자. 그래서 사람 얼굴은 몇차원짜리 데이터냐? 인공지능 말에 따르면 대략 100차원임. 숫자 100개 이내로 거의 모든 사람 얼굴을 정확하게 표현해낼수 있었음. 근데 지금 포인트는 그게 아니야. 얼굴을 벡터처럼 다룰수 있다니까??? 벡터에서 가능한 연산은 전부다 된다는 소리라니까??? 수학 좀 치는 애들은 이게 얼마나 개쩌는건지 알수 있는데 얼굴끼리 더하거나 서로 뺄수도 있고 당연히 여러개를 동시에 더하고 뺄수도 있고 내적도 쌉가능하고.. 어? 내적? 내적을 구할수 있으면 각도도 구할수 있지 않나? 맞아. 얼굴끼리의 각도는 이렇게 구할수 있어. 얼굴 두개 사이의 거리를 계산해서 유사도를 측정할수도 있고 (대부분 딥러닝을 이용한 연예인 닮은꼴 찾기 웹사이트가 이렇게 작동함) 어..유사도? 유사도면 3. a)데이터베이스에서 b)제일 그럴듯한 답변을 c)딥러닝으로 찾은뒤 답장한다. 제일 '그럴듯한'(=거리가 가깝거나 각도가 비슷한) 답변을 찾는데 쓸수 있지 않나? 맞아.  c) 딥러닝으로 찾은뒤 답장한다 *실제 이루다 내부 모델은 이거보다 더 복잡하나 기본적인 형태는 이거랑 거의 똑같다. 궁금하면 블로그에 가보도록 여기까지 따라왔으면 위에 있는 다이어그램이 어느정도 이해가 될거야. 1) A(유저가 친 채팅)와 B(이루다가 친 채팅)을 합쳐서 대화 문맥 인코더에 집어넣어서 벡터 표현으로 바꾼뒤에 2) 데이터베이스에 있는 (최대 2억개의) 답변 후보들의 벡터 표현을 전부 비교를 한 뒤 3) 두 벡터의 각도가 제일 좁은(=현재 문맥과 제일 비슷한 방향을 가지고 있는) 답변을 내놓는거임. 이런식으로.  그럼 이 방법론의 품질을 좌지우지하는거는 인코더인데... 얘네들이 뭘 썼냐면 구글이 내놓은 버트(BERT)라는 언어버전 오토인코더 비슷한놈을 썼음. 사실 지금 구글 검색도 버트 기반 벡터 유사도 검색으로 바뀐지 1년쯤 됐음. 몰랐지? 어느날 갑자기 구글 검색 성능이 엄청 좋아진걸 느낀 사람이 있을텐데, 그때가 이때임 (근데 버트가 무슨 비법소스마냥 감춰져있는건 아니고 오히려 무료배포중임. 개붕이들도 지금 당장 파이썬 깔고 버트 라이브러리 다운로드해서 쓰는거 쌉가능함.) 그리고 개발자 블로그 들어가서 읽어보면 알겠지만 지금까지 내가 설명한게 커다란 빅픽쳐쯤 되고 여기에 더불어서 hard negative니 하는 학습법을 써서 훨씬 더 성능을 끌어올렸음. 하여간 대단해... AI 트렌드에 늦게 탑승했는데도 이런 회사가 나오긴 하는구나. 결론+내생각 요즘 뭐 이루다 성희롱이다 뭐다 하는 이슈가 많이 올라오는데 글을 읽어봤으면 알겠지만 이루다는 결국엔 행렬 연산 집합체일 뿐인데다가 그 근본은 구글 검색과 다를게 없음ㅋㅋㅋ 현재 기술력으로는 감정 이입해도 안쪽팔릴만한 기계학습 모델은 없고 무엇보다도 성희롱 관련 논란은 "야동을 보면 변태가 된다"나 "게임을 많이하면 폭력적이게 된다"라는 논지와 전혀 다를게 없다고 생각함.  그리고 개인적으로 수학이 정말로 중요한 학문이고 앞으로 훨씬 더 중요해질 거라는걸 개붕이들이 느꼈으면 좋겠음. "뭐 씨 미적분 기벡 배워서 뭐에다 쓰냐?" 이런데 쓴다...  특히 급식개붕이들은 수학공부를 학부시절에 피똥싸기 싫으면 일찍 준비하는게 좋을거라 생각해. 그럼 이만! (출처) 비전공자도 쉽게 이해할 수 있게 쓰여졌길래 가져와봅니다. 요즘 여러모로 핫한 이루다의 내부. 궁금하셨죠?
Top 10 MLM & Network Marketing Companies Of 2021
Before knowing  top 10 MLM & network marketing companies, let us know what is network marketing. Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is a direct selling method that uses a network of people to sell a product. The participants in this network are usually remunerated on a commission basis. Network marketing is a medium of marketing that manufacturers use to expand their sales. Here’s the list of top 10 Best Network Marketing Companies. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Amway Herbalife Forever Living Products Keva Vestige Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd Win Nature International Pvt Ltd Modicare IMC Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited is an Indian company established in Chennai in 2013 and a network marketing company offering a wide range of lifestyle products directly to consumers and products approved by AYUSH. Amway Amway is an American company that uses a multi-level marketing model to sell a wide range of products, primarily in the health, beauty and home care markets. Amway was founded by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos in 1959. Amway Businesses Offer, Opportunities That Empower, Relationships That Endure. Herbalife Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has helped people to live a healthy, active life since 1980. Our nutrition, weight management and personal care products are available exclusively through our more than 2.3 million independent associates in more than 90 countries. Forever Living Products  Forever Living Products is a privately held multi-level marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, which manufactures and sells aloe vera-based beverages and bee-derived nutritional supplements and personal care products. The company was founded in 1978 by CEO Rex Maughan. Keva  Keva Industries, established in 2009, is the world’s leading direct selling company, Wellness, Food, Personal Care, Color Cosmetics, Home Care, FMCG, Animal & Agriculture products. Company has more than 400 products in its portfolio, almost all segments with a unique offer of Buy 1 get 1 free. Vestige Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started operations in 2004, is the leading direct sales company in the field of world-class health and personal care products.Vestige is growing at a phenomenal rate every year. Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd Safe & Secure Pvt Online Marketing. Ltd. is an Indian direct selling company. Safe Shop offers a wide range of educational products, lifestyle, technology products. Win Nature International Pvt. Ltd Win Nature International Pvt.Ltd was Established in 2015. It is an emerging manufacturer of Ayurvedic products located in Nagpur (Maharashtra), the center of India We are a dynamic team, with expertise in manufacturing Ayurveda products and direct sales as well as men and money management. Modicare  Since the inception of the Modi Group of Industries, the core philosophy has remained consistent—to enhance, engage and empower people’s lives. This very ethos remained at the heart of the Modicare Foundation when it was established in 1996. International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd. is an Indian network marketing company. IMC is an Indian direct selling company that began operating in 2007 and is a member of IDSA. The company’s turnover in 2019 is 400 crores. Conclusion Network Marketing does have its fair share of problems but they mainly revolve false and misleading information. However, you should not let false beliefs stop you from considering a network marketing business. You can achieve success if you gain solid understanding of the industry, choose a company carefully, find quality sponsors, commit time and effort to your business.  Global MLM Software is Leader in Providing MLM Software & Direct Selling Solutions to customers across the globe.  Visit our website to understand 200+ Ready to use features @ Try our Free Demo @ Connect with us for Business Consultation and plan Validation @
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#제로, 목요일 1월 14일 0 우리는 '마음에게 친절해지는 법'을 배워야 한다. 부정적인 생각을 하는 자신을 미워해선 안 된다. 부정적인 경험을 했다고 스스로를 탓할 필요는 없다. :루이스 L. 헤이, 하루 한 장 마음챙김 1 #2020년 유튜브 인기 광고 가장 좋은 반응을 얻었던 유튜브 광고는 무엇일까? 유튜브 2020년 연말결산 애드 리더보드. TOP10 1. 동원참치(제일기획) : 캔을따! 캔을 따면, 바로 맛의 대참치 (feat. 펭수 & 나은) 2. 정관장(제일기획) : 남극행 티켓을 향한 펭수의 무한도전 (feat. 힘을줘요 정관장) 3. KT(제일기획) : Galaxy S20+ "Jennie RED" 4. BBQ : 황광희 BBQ 치킨 광고 찍었다 [치킨왕] 5. 그랑사가(돌고래유괴단) : 연극의 왕 Full ver. 6. 농심 농심 쏙쏙팩 x 브레드 이발소 콜라보 7. 더좋은데이 : 청춘맞나 청춘맞다 2040편 8. 빙그레(스튜디오좋) : 빙그레 메이커를 위하여 9. 쌍용자동차(대홍기획) : G4렉스턴 화이트에디션 10. 켈로그(디렉터스컴퍼니) : 첵스파맛 2 #유통 전쟁 속 브랜드의 三分之計 포지셔닝 포스트 코로나시대 유통환경은 삼국지 형세, 즉 ▲조조=1100개의 온라인쇼핑몰 ▲손권=옴니채널(온+오프 리테일)의 틈바구니 속에서 ▲유비=브랜드의 생존싸움이 될 공산이 커졌다. 유통 공룡들이 올해 대규모 구조조정과 신유통전략을 구사하며 엄청난 투자를 하고 있다. 브랜드사는 유통기업의 채널 활용 전략과 MD의 생각, 제품 트렌드에 맞춰야 한다”며 “결국 치열한 경쟁 속에서 파레토 법칙과 CRM(고객관계경영) 마케팅이 엄격히 적용되면서 브랜드사의 운명이 갈릴 것이다. 3 #카톡 구독 서비스,월 3900원에 이모티콘 15만개 카카오톡 이모티콘을 월정액으로 자유롭게 쓸 수 있는 구독 서비스가 나왔다. 카카오가 13일 선보인 `이모티콘 플러스`는 월 3천900원에 이모티콘을 구독할 수 있는 서비스다. 올해로 출시 11주년을 맞은 카카오톡에 구독 서비스가 나온 것은 이번이 처음이다. 월정액을 내면 카카오가 선별한 `이모티콘 모음`을 이용할 수 있다. 4 #비교적 선방한 2020년 경쟁PT 시장 최근 경쟁 PT시장은 ATL과 디지털 PT가 일부 혼재되고 있다. 캠페인 제작과 집행으로 보는 광고주의 광고활동은 지상파와 온라인 콘텐츠를 별도로 제작하는 예전과 달리, 최근에는 매체 구분없이 콘텐츠를 동시에 제작해서 서로 동시다발적으로 운영하는 경우가 많다. 따라서 경쟁PT 품목도 캠페인 중심으로 제작해서 지상파, 케이블TV, IPTV 등의 매체를 중심으로 온라인/디지털 등 서로의 영역을 넘나드는 형태로 매체를 집행하는 경향이다.  5 #CJ ENM 미디어커머스 '다다엠앤씨' 2월1일 출범 CJ ENM 커머스부문(옛 오쇼핑부문)의 미디어커머스 사업을 담당하는 디지털커머스본부가 서울 용산 CGV 본사에서 2월1일 ‘다다엠앤씨’로 출범한다. 다다엠앤씨는 설립 후 CJ ENM 자회사로 편입된다. CJ ENM은 V커머스를 비롯해 미디어커머스 사업 전반을 영위할 다다엠앤씨를 설립하고 경쟁력 강화에 나선다. 6 #이유리,'맘편한카페' 합류, 장윤정·홍현희·최희·송경아&이동국과 호흡 이유리는 오는 28일 첫 방송하는 티캐스트 E채널 '맘 편한 카페' 출연을 확정했다. 자타공인 '살림의 여왕', 4차원 예능감으로 존재감을 나타내고 있는 이유리의 가세로 '맘 편한 카페'는 더욱 화려한 라인업을 완성했다. '맘 편한 카페'는 이유리를 비롯해 축구선수 은퇴 후 MC로 인생 2막을 여는 이동국, 연예계 대표 워킹맘 장윤정, 대세 개그우먼 홍현희, 초보 엄마가 된 야구 여신 최희, 톱모델 송경아가 함께한다. 7 #구글코리아 김경훈 사장 선임 구글코리아가 김경훈신임 사장을 선임했다. 김 신임 사장은 오는 2월 1일부터 구글코리아의 광고 세일즈를 총괄한다. 김 신임 사장은 지난 2015년부터 구글코리아 커스터머 솔루션 본부에서 국내 중소기업의 디지털 마케팅 관련 사업을 맡았다. 또 글로벌 경영 컨설팅 회사인 베인앤드컴퍼니 서울 사무소, 왓이프 이노베이션 파트너스의 중국 상하이 사무소 등에서 근무했다. 8 #셀트리온 코로나 치료제, 중증환자 발생률 ↓ 셀트리온의 코로나19 항체치료제 '렉키로나주(성분명 레그단비맙, 개발명 CT-P59)'가 입원 치료가 필요한 중증환자 발생률을 크게 감소시킨다는 임상결과가 공개됐다. 9 # '아~마윈' 또 물먹은 카카오페이 카카오페이가 마이데이터 심사에서 대주주 적격성 문제로 발목이 잡혔다. 비바퍼블리카(토스)를 포함한 7개사가 마이데이터 예비인가를 받은 가운데 카카오페이는 대주주 앤트파이낸셜의 문제를 해결하지 못해 심사가 보류됐다. 앤트파이낸셜은 알리바바 창업자 마윈이 소유한 기업 중 하나로 '마윈 리스크'가 마이데이터 사업자 허가에 영향을 미쳤다.  10 #엔비티, 청약 경쟁률 4398대 1. 코스닥 역대 최고 모바일 포인트 플랫폼 기업 엔비티의 일반 공모청약 경쟁률이 코스닥 공모 역대 최고 기록을 달성했다. 엔비티는 총 공모주식수의 20%인 16만6400주에 대한 일반 공모청약을 실시한 결과 총 7억3177만3470주가 접수돼 4397.68대 1의 경쟁률을 기록했다. 청약 증거금은 약 6조9518억원이다. 엔비티의 경쟁률은 역대 코스닥 공모청약 1위 기록이다. 종전 최고 경쟁률은 지난해 8월 상장한 이루다의 3039.56대 1이다. 11 #지상파 ‘편법 쪼개기 광고’ 눈감은 정부, 중간광고 전면허용 추진 정부가 3년 만에 다시 지상파 방송사의 중간광고를 전면 허용한다. 지상파 방송사들은 현재 ‘편법 중간광고’라는 비판을 받는 프리미엄광고(PCM)로 큰 수익을 내고 있는데, 아예 합법적인 길을 터주는 것이다. 방송광고 시장 활성화 및 유료 방송채널과의 형평성을 고려한 조치라고 하지만 지나친 규제 완화로 공공성을 해친다는 지적이다. 12 #방통위, 편성 규제 개선 방통위가 이번에 편성 규제를 방송사의 경영 환경을 반영한 편성 규제로 전환하고 방송사 설립 취지 등을 고려해 프로그램 편성규제를 합리화하기로 하면서, 앞으로 1개국 전문 방송은 해당 국가 프로그램을 100% 편성할 수 있게 됐다. 모든 방송사업자에 가해졌던 1개국 영화·대중음악·애니메이션 수입물 규제도 수입물 편성비율이 80%에서 90% 이내로 완화됐으며, 편성 비율 산정기준도 ‘매반기’에서 ‘연간’으로 바꿨다. #힘!
7 Ways to Increase Thinking Capacity of Your Brain
Perhaps the most complicated and greatest asset a human being can have is the processing power between your ears. This in mind, investing in this supercomputer is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Amazingly, scientists think that the average humans only use 12% of their brain! Very few of us take time or allocate resources to train our brains. Neuroscientists believe that we are stuck with the same brain we were born with! The good news is that you don’t need to be a billionaire to improve memory or your thinking capacity. Think of your brain as a muscle that needs to be exercised. All you need to do is dedicate some few minutes every day to do some exercises. 1. Exercise regularly Just as you take time to do some physical exercises, you should allocate time to do some mind exercises. Mind exercises improve mind fitness just the same way physical exercises improves physical fitness. Neurologists have proven that regular exercises of the brain enhances brain functioning and improves neurogenesis. Physical exercises have also been linked to the formation of new brain cells and thus you should stay physically active too. 2. Train your memory If you don’t use your brain, it will stagnate. If you want your dog to be a better fetcher, you must train or get it trained to fetch. Likewise, if you need you brain to be better; you must train your mind to retain memory. Discipline yourself to memorize phone numbers and other essential numbers (passport, credit card, insurance, driving license). The more you add to your brain, the more you expand its capacity! 3. Nourish your brain with a healthy diet The food you eat is, without doubt, a big contribution to proper brain functioning. The human brain consumes over 20% of all the oxygen and nutrients that we consume! Feed your brain with good stuff like fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of Omega 3 oils. 4. Question facts and think positive Don’t take everything at face value. Develop a habit of questioning everyday things. Ask yourself the “what if questions”. What if we didn’t invent the wheel? What if the continents moved? By being curious, you train your mind to be innovative and develop ideas. They say curiosity killed the cat, but they don’t tell you that the same curiosity created electricity. Neuroscientists, have linked anxiety and stress to the killing of brain neurons and also hamper new neurons being created. Psychologist have found out that positive thinking, especially in the future, boosts the production of new cells and dramatically controls stress and reduces anxiety. Free your mind from anything which is not right here and right now. Staying mindful and in a present REALITY is the healthiest thing you can do to your brain. I don’t mean the virtual reality or social media reality but the REAL reality. As a result, you stop expecting too much from other people, which gives you the chance to truly enjoy their company and spend some quality time together. It also leads to finding contentment and peace. Happiness, after all, can’t be found anywhere else, but in the present. So without trying to make things perfect, to change anything about the current situation, or to wish for something that sounds better, you can enjoy what is by truly accepting it. 5. Read! Read! Read! Reading not only relieves tension and stress to the brain-cells but it also gives you another perspective on things. Books are the best way to grow your brain and expand your thinking, but social media and magazines are a good source of humor and everything that can’t fit into a book. Reading is the best way to train your brain and expand your thinking. Read books which are not only fun but also expand your knowledge. 6. Get enough sleep Sleeps is the reset button for the brain. When you sleep, your body regenerates brain cells and does all the maintenance work on both your body and your brain. A daily dose of 4–6 hours of sleep every night has proven the best way to improve thinking and create new ideas and innovations. Mindfulness meditation before falling asleep can be really helpful. Close your eyes and ignore everything around you. Imagine you’re at a peaceful place. Breathe deeply and empty your mind. Focus on your breathing for a while until you relax your body and mind. Know you’ve done your best for the day, and that tomorrow comes with many new opportunities. Be positive about what’s to come. If these are the last thoughts in your head before you fall asleep, then you’ll be in peace and won’t have nightmares. Once you’ve slept enough and sound, be sure that tomorrow morning you’ll not only kickstart the day, but be super productive, present for the whole day and in a pretty good mood and able to focus effortlessly. 7. Eliminate Errors in Thinking It is important to know the psychological side of thinking. Your brain prowess aside, we all make thinking errors. There are five different errors that psychologists have identified; Partialism, Adversary Thinking, Time Scale Error, Initial Judgment and arrogance and Conceit. Partialism: Errors that occur when the individual observes the problem through ones perspective only. That is, an individual examines only one factor of the problem and most often than not, we arrive at a premature solution. Adversary Thinking: This is the “you are the one who is wrong and thus I should be right.” type of thinking. Politicians are the masters in this type of thinking and they use it to their advantage. Time Scale Error : This is a kind of partialism in thinking where the individual sees the problem from a limited time-frame. It can be likened to short-sightedness. Initial Judgment: Here, the individual becomes very subjective. Instead of considering the issue or problem objectively, the individual approaches it with prejudice or bias. Arrogance and Conceit: may also be referred to as the “Village Venus Effect” because like country people, who think that the hottest girl in their village is the hottest girl in the world, the thinker believes that there is no better solution other than that he has already found. This blocks creativity. And did you know your IQ score? Take our IQ test and find out what is your level of intelligence right now! Source:
Tips to Writing conclusion of an essay
In a conclusion paragraph, you summarize what you’ve written regarding in your paper. once you’re writing an honest conclusion paragraph, you would like to trust the most purpose that you simply wished to debate and take care it’s enclosed. If you’ve already written an honest introductory paragraph, you'll be able to write one thing similar with completely different phrasing. Here area unit some points to remember to write my essay for me. . Conclusion Paragraph contains. • what you may leave along with your reader • It “wraps up” your essay • It demonstrates to the reader that you simply accomplished what you come into being to try to to • It shows however you've got proven your thesis • It provides the reader with a way of closing on the subject. Structure • A conclusion is that the opposite of the introduction • Remember that the introduction begins general and ends specific • The conclusion begins specific and moves to the overall Conclusion define • Topic sentence Fresh recasting of thesis statement • Supporting sentences Summarize or bring to a close the most points within the body of the essay Explain however ideas work along • Closing sentence Final words Connects back to the introduction Provides a way of closure Points to be enclosed last • Your conclusion wraps up your essay during a tidy package and brings it home for your reader • Your sentence ought to summarize what you aforementioned in your thesis statement • Do not merely iterate your thesis statement, as that may be smart. Rather reiterate the thesis statement with contemporary and deeper understanding • Your conclusion isn't any place to refer new ideas • Your supporting sentences ought to summarize what you've got already aforementioned within the body of your essay • Your topic for every body paragraph ought to be summarized within the conclusion, bring to a close the most points You can pay for research paper if you need a quality content for you. • Your closing sentence ought to facilitate the reader feel a way of closure • Your closing sentence is your last word on the subject; it should show the importance of your ideas as a good paper writer, finish your topic on a positive note