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Just some fluff with this cutie!
Happy Reading!!!
You stare at your history textbook with a blank look. You've been studying for your finals all day, and to make it sound more depressing, on a Saturday! You lay your head in the book and groan. Why did you have to put this off 'til the last minute? You knew your finals were coming up soon. You knew you should have been studying weeks ago. But here you are, crunching a month's worth of notes, worksheets, and studying into one day, three days before the tests.
You lift your head up from your book and grab the green notebook on your desk and opened it to a new page. You flip the page on the book and begin writing down notes tat don't make sense to you. The words on the textbook made no sense right now. YOu let out a small sigh. This is going to be a long day.
Moments after you started taking notes, your phone rings. You pick it up and smile when you see the Caller ID. You answer it, "Hello?"
"Hey, Jagi," Baekhyun squeaks out. "How are you doing?"
"Not so well," you admitted, trapping the phone on your ear with your shoulder so you can continue writing your notes.
"Why?" Baekhyun whines. "What's wrong?"
"This studying is really kicking my ass."
"Jagiya!" Baekhyun scolds in a serious, yet playful tone. "Watch your language."
"But it is," you whine, pouting your lip as you glance back your textbook. Baekhyun lets out a small chuckle. "You're so cute Jagi."
You let a small smile spread across your face. You missed your boyfriend so much. Even though you told him to leave you alone today so you could work, but it would be nice to have a small break from this and spend some time with him. You just wanted to Baekhyun to be with you.
"Jagi?" you heard Baekhyun ask. "Are you there?"
You must've slipped from the conversation, because you didn't know what he was asking. "Yeah, sorry. What did you say?"
Baekhyun giggles. "I asked you how long would it be until you're done."
You sigh "I don't know" You hear a knock on your door. You set your pencil down and get up from your desk. "It may be a while." you continued. You walked into the living room of your apartment. "Can you hold on for a minute? Someone's at the door." You take the phone away from your year and open the door.
You look up and see Baekhyun standing in the doorway. He hangs up his phone and slips it into his back pocket. "Hi," he says, giving you a cute smile. You glance at the bag he was holding, which contains your favorite snacks, drinks and some pain medication, since he knew that you get headaches every time you study. "I thought you might needed some things, so I brought your favorite sna-"
Before he could finish, you wrap your arms around him and pull him into a tight hug. He stumbled backward a little bit, almost losing his balance. He regains it and wraps his arms around you, returning the hug. "Did someone miss their boyfriend?" he asks, chuckling into your hair.
You nodded and tightened your grip around him. Even though it wasn't even a whole day, you still missed being around him. "I love you so much," you whisper. Baekhyun smiles. He found it so adorable the way you clang to him when you saw him. He loved seeing you, especially in you around the house clothes, which were pajama shorts and a loose T-shirt. "I love you too." He replied.
He pulled away from the hug and turned your head to face him, caressing your cheek. "Do you need help studying?"
"Just one... more... sentence.. and...Done!" you shouted, throwing your hands in the air and throwing your pencil on the ground.
"Good job, Jagiya," Baekhyun says, getting up from your bed and wrapping his arms around you, giving you a back hug.
"I couldn't have done it without you," you cooed. Baekhyun actually helped you this time. Normally, he would complain on how you were taking to long, or force you to stop for a "short" cuddle break, making you forget about studying. But this time, he actually helped you out. He kept you motivated with kisses as you got each of the questions he asked right. He made sure you were still writing notes and not drifting off to sleep. It may have taken the whole day and part of the night, but he helped, and didn't complain once. Without his help, you probably would've been up all night working on this.
"Thank you," you said, turning around and placing a kiss on his soft lips.
"You're welcome, procrastinator." he teases.
You lightly smack his arm. "I am not a procrastinator."
"Yeah, you are."
"Am not."
"Are too."
"Am not!"
"Are too!" he shouts, picking you up from your chair. "You are such a procrastinator." he says before throwing you on the bed. You giggled as Baekhyun plopped on top of you.
"Baekhyun!" you let out, laughing. Baekhyun started to plant small pecks on your cheeks and down on your neck.
"Baek!" you squealed.
Baekhyun laughs with you and captures your lips into his. You let out a small sigh and caress the side of his face with your hand.
When you part from the kiss, Baekhyun rolls over on his side and pulls you close to his chest. "Is it time for cuddles now?" he asks, making his eyes wide.
"Yes it is," you say, bopping his nose. He giggles and smiles like a little kid and pulls you closer to him. "Yay!" he squeals.
You chuckle softly, feeling your eyelids become heavy. It was almost eight, but it felt like midnight. You let out a small yawn. Baekhyun notices and guides your head to the crook of his neck. "Go to sleep, Jagi. You deserve a little rest. We'll hang out more tomorrow."
You nod at his words and let your eyelids close. "I love you Baek." you whisper before falling asleep.
"I love you too," he whispers before placing a kiss on your temple, letting you fall asleep on his chest.

Happy Baekhyun Day!!

This is so cute it's almost too much to handle.
haha yhh i procrastinate but i love this story
this is funny bc i have finals tomorrow and the rest of the week and here i am procrastinating😂😋
awww it's sooooo cute!!!