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"What if we never existed Namjoon?" "Well then, we would just be dark spirits corrupting Earth by watching those who are actually alive. I think that not too many of us think of this as a phase in life: when we're just watching over our modern generation and not actually living amongst them, which consequently, it means that we won't have a chance to experience what life has instored for us as we are just spirits." "I asked for a short answer not a philosophy." "Well I answerd it anyways." "But it's not like I'm complaining I actually like your way of thinking because for me it's interesting. Look, I asked you that question because I was just curious about the time when I had that car accident and went into a coma and would never have woken up. I was wondering if at least one of your sisters will tell you, that maybe you remembered me and still cared." "Why wouldn't I care? My baby got herself into a car accident and died in a coma. Listen to me, stop worrying about what happened in the past. I'm here with you now and I'll never leave you ok?" "Ok" ~~~~~ "You know, I was never a big fan of BTS." "You hurt my heart." "Well is not that I don't like your band it's just that some of the songs I don't highly anticipate." "Well, I can't fight you about it because it's your own opinion. Buuuuuttt, which songs do you not like very much." "Hm, War of Hormone, Spine Breaker, Rain, Born Singer and Whalien 52." "You don't like Whalien 52? But it's about me, your boyfriend." "I do like it and it's very meaningful, but, when I read the lyrics while listening to it- it made me cry and I don't like crying. So everytime I listen to the song I get reminded of the lyrics and it makes me get into a sad mood and I'll spill tears." "Oh, I understand." "Now for War of Hormone: the feeling of the song is nice and the beat but the song it's selft I wasn't interested in which is why I don't listen to it. For Spine Breaker: I don't hate it that much because the first part was funny and I don't know why I found amusement in it I just end up laughing for no reason. Rain, again I wasn't feeling it and for Born Singer: like Whalien 52 when I saw you guys crying at the live performance it really did make me cry, far more than I cried at Whalien 52 and so when I had that song on my music library I would listen to it but start feeling upset and so I deleted it." "Again, my heart is in pain." "Aw, baby don't be heartbroken. Besides, it's only those songs I never said the others." "THERE ARE OTHERS?!! nope, nope get away from me how could you do this to my poor heart." "KIM NAMJOON GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! I WAS JOKING!!" "NO YOU CUT ME OPEN AND I KEEP BLEEDING LOVE." "DID YOU JUST QUOTE BLEEDING LOVE BY LEONA LEWIS!?!!!" "YES I DID GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT??" "YOU WILL REGRET SPEAKING TO ME LIKE THIS!! NAMJOON-AH!!!" "
Bleeding love by Leona Lewis is one of my all time favorite songs.😍