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This video shocked me.
The first minute or so was amazing. Anyone who wouldn't want to experience a night on the town with Brendon Urie is totally lying to themselves. I'm totally on board with this song being the next single. After the first few videos, it's clear to see that Brendon Urie intends on making most of these songs into cinematic videos.
"Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" features a sample from the B 52's and gives us a new wave / punk feel that is a bit different from the rest of the album (which in nature is totally eclectic). It's definitely a stand out on "Death of a Bachelor" and asks the question, "How much is too much?"
This video...well I'll just let you decide for yourself.
Well, what do you think?
The shooting style really stood out to me. And upon further inspection of the behind-the-scenes photos you can see that both Brendon and the girl who played his opposite were using body rigged cameras to achieve that "you're in the video" kind of feel.
Of course, one would admit they'd love to be in the first minute of the video, and then just kind of avoid that whole tentacle monster thing.
We all like to go out and party, and upon occasion if someone really attractive is into us, we love it. Although, things don't always end well. Right?

Have you ever been out with friends and realized that the boy / girl of your dreams is actually a flesh eating tentacle monster? Nah? Me neither.

Why is he naked in everything now?
@justskate610 weird how I was just talking about them.
the tentacle part was unexpected lol
Lol this made me giggle, I'm sorry I don't mean to offend I am a HUGE Panic at the Disco fan and yes their video's take some getting used to. But the music? Yeah, well worth it.