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There are many loved Idols in the LGBT community, but who would've guessed that Bts' Jin would make it to the top??

Here are other popular Idols in the LGBT community..


He is a proud supporter of gays. He's also very popular among the community because of course he's a beautiful man❤ Top is very caring and accepting which is pretty awesome!


G Dragon is also very popular and supportive of gays. In a radio show he confessed his attraction to TOP and it was just adorable cx I love them both!

Rap Mon~

He's a proud advocate of the community and is loved by everyone!

Fx's Amber

Of course a lot of fans and netizens question her sexuality and have spread rumors that she's gay, but nonetheless she's a supporter and has many amazing gay friends. that's awesome!

I think we're all a little gay and that's alright. I'm just glad our favorite idols are accepting and caring c: I'm proud to be gay who else is?!! xD

Who wouldn't be gay for perfection? (Aka Jin)
XD tbh I don't feel like it's a big surprise for jin being the most voted like look at him if I was a guy I'd go gay for him js
I love that these idols are so caring of all of their fans!
@DeeNice ppl I swear just bc he's blonde now ppl wae ;-:
@mrsjeon Yeah everyone has fallen for him more with his blonde hair cx
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