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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Length: 1025 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 18/?
Krystal’s POV
Krystal was fuming at Taehyung. Tears forgotten, she wanted to get back at him. She stomped out of the building to walk back home- this had not gone to planned. Suzy was lounging on the sofa when she got home.
She hadn’t left the house since that incident with y/n. The bruise on her face had turned a nasty shade of purple. Suzy was stupid though- bitching about y/n was one thing but straight up riling her like that? What did she expect was going to happen?
Krystal ignored her as she sat down, the anger evident in her deafening silence. Without even looking up from her phone, Suzy mumbled, “What’s up?”
“Taehyung says he’s found someone else”, she spat. “Who?”
Krystal glared at the girl, who was only partially listening to what she had to say. “Who the fuck do you think?” Suzy just sighed in annoyance, but didn’t look up from her screen.
“He always liked me. Always! I even told him my feelings were genuine, and he fucking through it back in my face!”
She wanted-no, needed- to get her own back on Kim Taehyung. How had Suzy got revenge on Yoongi after he rejected her? Oh yeah, she’d slept with Jungkook. That son of a bitch must be easy.
That was the perfect way to get back at him. He had hurt her. So she’d sleep with his best friend to get back at him.
“Suzy...What’s Jungkook’s number?”
Y/n’s POV
I got dressed and waited a few minutes before calling one of the boys. I almost called Hoseok before I remembered that he would probably be doing last minute revision.
Jimin didn’t answer. Neither did Namjoon. Finally, Jin picked up. “Y/n? Hey!”I had timed the call right because I heard Tae’s unmistakeable voice in the background saying “Hyung, tell her I’m not home!”
I sighed as Jin asked me, “Have you two had an argument?”, completely ignoring Taehyung’s request.
“No, no Jin, everything’s fine. Can...can you just let Taehyung know ‘it’s OK’?” Jin just said "er...sure.” He sounded bemused and had every right to be. I was still confused myself.
“Thanks Jin. See you later.” I ended the call, not in the mood to talk. I turned my phone off in case he tried to call back. I sat down on my bed, nervously twiddling the ring on my finger. It was my promise ring from Yoongi- we both had one.
I don’t know why I still wore it. I guess it bought a sense of familiarity, and reminded me of times that weren’t so bad. Of times when I was happy with the boy I loved. The one I thought loved me right back. It felt wrong to take it off.
As I sat there, I audibly gasped as an unwelcome thought crossed my mind. I had said I would give Jungkook another chance. Jungkook, like Yoongi, was extremely possessive.
I felt dread settle in the pit of my stomach as I started to think that maybe Taehyung would go and talk to Jungkook about me.
Taehyung’s POV
What had he done? He hadn’t been thinking straight, when he leant in and just... Taehyung ran his hands through his hair as he sat there watching Jin on the phone. Y/n probably hated him. Probably wanted nothing to do with him.
Jin ended the call and looked at Taehyung, one eyebrow raised. “Y/n told me to tell you ‘It’s OK’. Whatever that means.” Taehyung nodded mutely to show Jin he understood.
Y/n was trying to make him feel better. He remembered how he felt with her arms around him and sighed. She saw him as a friend- her best friend- and he had just gone and made things weird between them.
He remembered all the times y/n had called him ‘Pabo’- she wasn’t wrong.
Jungkook’s POV
Jungkook was in a world of his own when his phone buzzed.
From Unknown: hey kookie. u wanna go clubbing 2nite? its y/n btw- new no. xxx
Jungkook frowned. Y/n had a new number? He was sceptical because firstly, y/n never texted like that. Secondly, she would never go to the same place that creep had tried to take advantage of her.
He had his doubts, so he called y/n’s old number to check. No answer. He tried again and it went to voicemail. She might have changed it then. Either way, if she did want to go, he was glad she had asked him at least.
He would flip if he found out that she had gone alone. So he replied to the message.
To Unknown: Sure babe. See you there at ten?
From unknown: Perfect ;) xxx
Jungkook gave a small, albeit confused smile at y/n’s strange behaviour. Wasn’t she being a bit too forward considering how long it took her to accept him back? He would ask her if she was OK tonight. Hoseok passed his room, breaking him out of his thoughts.
“Good luck Hobi hyung!” Hoseok backtracked and stopped at his door. He had a textbook in his hand, but he was smiling. Jungkook knew he was prepared just by the look on his face. “Thanks Jungkookie.” And with that he was gone.
Y/n’s POV
I didn’t know what to do. I cleaned all the rooms, organised all my books, and sat on the bed, feeling empty.Cleaning was a hell of a lot easier now that Suzy’s shit wasn’t laying around everywhere.
I wanted Tae to talk to me, to be himself. I turned my phone back on, to find a couple of missed calls from Jungkook. But nothing from Tae.
I decided if he didn’t reply by like 10, I would go over there myself. 10 would give him plenty of time to think through whatever he needed to, and it wasn’t that late so I knew he’d still be awake.
Time slowed down, but eventually, it got to five to. And still no word from Tae. I grabbed a jacket and the usual, my phone and keys, and left the apartment.
Time to sort this out.
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SOOOO......any chance anyone of u guys might be selling some chairs? Cuz Krystal needs a high the face.....with a chair....a burning chair
Well damn......All I gotta say.....Where all my Taehyung and (Y/N) shippers?!?
Why the hell does she keep turning her phone off?! I only turn it off when it's acting funny and needs to be restarted. 😩.
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