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It's time for "Thanks, I didn't need my heart anyway" with OtakuDemon10! High points mean nothing without low points, which I think is why I love those moments that bring me to tears so much! Shed those manly tears with pride!

**SPOILERS AHEAD (obviously)**

This was tough, but I think the top spot goes to Fullmetal Alchemist and Hughes's funeral. In the "original vs Brotherhood" debate, Hughes puts a point in the original series column for me. I felt that Brotherhood was a bit rushed, while original went more in depth with some of the background stories, like Elicia's birth, getting you more attached to Hughes so that his death had more impact. But what really tore me up in both series was Elicia at his funeral. D'X

Honorable Mentions

Here, have some more tears!

Akame Ga Kill! - Tatsumi's Death

Game of Thrones did not prepare me for the death-fest that is this anime. By the time Lubbock died, I was convinced that there would be no survivors, except maybe Akame, and I still had a small glimmer of hope for Tatsumi as well, but then he had to go die! I'm pretty sure I cried myself to sleep after that episode, and that's why this anime is one of my favorites. He was always so sweet and caring, never darkened by all the sorrow he'd suffered; he didn't deserve that! And neither did Akame, for that matter!

Bleach - Ichigo Loses His Powers

SHIPPING INTENSIFIES! Maybe it's just because I'm an Ichi-Ruki shipper, but the end of the episode where Ichigo officially lost his soul reaper powers was pretty emotional for me. That episode was super cute until the last of his powers dissipated and Rukia began to fade. That's when the tears started rolling.

Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Breaks

Kaneki was always so sweet and innocent, my little lost puppy. He didn't deserve to be tortured like that, and when he finally snapped, much as I loved how much of a badass he became, it broke my heart to see how his spirit shattered, or, I guess I should say, unraveled. It still twists my stomach inside just thinking about it.
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