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seriously I would have love to see these two go at it for one last time again. but I already know that naruto would have probably won the fight because his stronger than sasuke to me. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
@tommymdiaz Kuruma mentioned this numerous times.. about him being out og shape or rusty.. in garden and in boruto the movie... it only makes sense naruto hasn't fought really sjnce he became hokage while sasuke has been on a journey fighting people in the shadows countless times.. @SuperSaiyanWolf Alright... 1st off Something a dude posted on the viz media forum isn't more factual than something stated in the show itself... itachi 's tskynkmi or w.e is no different than any other genjustu the move is just unique to him... same guys for kittens sensei... and her genjustu... it also does not happen in a second.. it only places him in the genjustu in under a second.. time still goes by normally outside... but like I said.. kuruma can snap naruto out of something like this easily.... think about it... like I said before.. in the fight between naruto and sasuke why do you think sasuke doesn't resort to some form of genjustu on naruto... cause it would have no effect... shisui genjustu is more like brainwashing if anything and yes we know it's stronger.... and we've yet to see it in action so you can't judge and say it would affect someone with a tailed beast inside them.... and let's clear this out... when the user become placed under genjustu the tailed beast inside is "NOT" affected by any sort... so the tailed beast doesn't need to know if what he sees is real or not.. he can tell if his/her host is under it... Naruto has deal with genjustu up until the war simply because kuruma did not care for his well being all this time.. Naruto is stronger than sasuke were both at their prime... their is no question... the show.. the name.. the lessons taught by Kishi himself all revolves around the principle that those who fight for others are truly strong... And that is why naruto is stronger.. as of present though. i'm not even fan boying... it this is just pure fact.. i'm more of a Lee kinda guy. then tenten second.. like I mentioned before.. naruto is weaker due to tbe fact that he has been stuck in the office while sasuke roams and fights elsewhere. This is hinted multiple times through the garden manga and boruto the movie.
Lol no, I think they're just gonna leave it at a tie @EmersonTheogene
@EmersonTheogene woot woot! Ice Cream Partaaaaayyy
Wait... Did you just say I think Naruto is strong because his name is in the title? Sorry sir, I've read every Naruto chapter of every installment so my opinions are actually educated when it comes to Naruto. And for the reason I didn't tag you, your username was not worth the extra 14 characters. That's why I'll tag everyone else but you. @EmersonTheogene @simplynick
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