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Recently I have been contemplating what exactly I want to do in life. The hardest part is picking one thing when you love to do many different things! I love Anime, Video games, Hair and make up, Studying Languages, Helping others, Rescuing animals, playing any instrument I can get my hands on and I'm still discovering new hobbies that open a new door everyday. But most of all I want friends that will talk about their hobbies with me! I want to know what other people are talented with and how we can maybe put our creativity together and make something incredible happen! Please feel free to share your hobbies even if they're strange or embarrassing. I am a 100% open minded individual. this is for ANYONE. :)
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I just started studying one month ago! I study in my free time as well. is Korean similar to Japanese? @cindystran
@KalynHay The character and tone is different. Japanese has a softer tone and more squiggly characters. Korean characters are easier to memorize because it's made of mostly lines. lol. Hope this made sense.
I understand! thanks for the tips. I can't wait to start learning! @cindystran
I want to learn Japanese too, @KalynHay! It's getting really popular among my friends. :)
it is so much fun to learn! I use Japanesepod101. When i have a question i usually google it or go to Japan-guide.com and ask a native speaker, it's a great website for making friends in Japan too! @danidee