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It had been 2 weeks of living with Hobi and everything was going smooth. There was no sign of anything from Jackie or her brother so I figured everything was fine. The guys were practicing late like usual so I was bringing them food. This was a nightly thing. Since they were going to be touring in 2 weeks they had to get alot of practicing done. "Baby!" Hobi said running to me as I walked in the door. "Hey how's practice?" "It's going." He kissed my cheek. "(Y/n) thank god you came now Hoseok wouldn't shut up!" Jimin said laughing "Oh he has energy?" "No it was just about you. He kept whining. 'Is (y/n) coming now? Why isn't she here? Did something happen? Guys I need to call her! No she's fine.' He had this battle several times over the last 20 mins." Jimin laughed "Jimin!" Hobi said sternly "Oh look food!" Jin said changing the mood. Everyone ran over and grabbed some and I just sat next to hobi watching him eat. "Aren't you going to eat?" He asked "Yea I'm not hungry right now." "Baby you need to eat." "I'll eat alittle ok...I swear I'm not starving yet." I smiled stealing some of his food. "I'm going to miss you." He whispered into my ear. I turned to look at him. "'s going to be weird not seeing any of you for a few months." "Well video chat ok and text everyday." "I'll send some photos." I winked "No you can't do that.....that would be mean..." "Not really lol....Alright if you don't want to see my body for several months then I won't send don't ask." I stuck some food in my mouth. "Ok..." I knew he'd change his mind after at least the first month...maybe later. After they all ate I left to go do the laundry. I promised the boys I would do it before they left and sadly they are leaving in 2 days and man they go through alot of clothes! The next two days was going to be tough. Knowing they were leaving was a little sad but I'd be able to handle it. I'm a stronger person now. I can handle being on my own for a few months. The next day it took me a while but I got all the laundry done and taken over to the dorm. I had a make several trips because of how much I had. Thankfully I didn't have to take a taxi or bus to drop it off. I made dinner at the dorm this time so that everyone could enjoy a home cooked meal before they hit the tour. Jin had told me he had just been ordering food instead of making it because they didn't have time. So this was a last gift to give them before leaving. I made sure to send a text to Hobi so he didn't go home. "Something smells amazing" I heard behind me and I turned around. "Yeah I gotta say I did a good job on this." I smiled and turned to finish stirring. "Hoseok if you don't marry her I will" Jimin said I blushed at the idea of marrying Hoseok. "Dude they are still dating....what makes you think she'd even want you." Yoongi said "Hey I'm really charming" Jimin walked over and grabbed my hand and got down on one knee. I started at him. I was trying to hold a laugh in but it was hard. my eyes were wide and my eyebrows were raised. "(y/n) will you marry me?" "hmmmm" "You actually have to think?" "Well what do I get out of marrying you?" I pressed my lips together trying to stop my smiling from showing. "Seriously? You get this hot piece of ass" "Nah that's not worth it....honestly you're good looking but not hot." "Oooh. you just got burned" Yoongi said and walked out of the room. Jimin stood up finally and let go of my hand. "You are mean." I finally laughed and shook my head and went back to finishing up dinner. I felt a pair of hands go around my waist. "I'm glad you don't find Jimin hot." "That's Cuz you are the definition of hot....although maybe people think I'm crazy." I smiled still staring at the pot in front of me. "Maybe but you are my crazy woman and I love you." "I'm love you too." He kissed my cheek. "Ok love birds break it up...we have children here." Jin said and I glanced back and saw Kookie just staring at us. "Aww kookie are we making you feel uncomfortable?" "No." He said and walked away. "To be honest he's probably jealous that Hoseok has such a nice girlfriend and he wants one " Namjoon said walking over to the fridge. "Ahh" Hobi finally let go over me and started getting plates to set the table. "Have the younger ones help." I suggested. "No were playing a game" We heard from the living room. "Well then." I laughed. Jin and Namjoon helped with setting the table.
So here is another update like I promised...things shall calm down....I hope lol...sooo what did you think?
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