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vegeta all the way!!
@usagubunny1 Touche. But, *in the narrator's voice* "Can our heros find a way before the prince destroys the universe in his rage?"
yah but in the battle of gods movie look at what just a smack to bulma did to vegeta. He lost it.
I totally read that in his voice lol. "Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!"
it's hard to say. simply because they some how always wish them back from tge dead....
@Darkness0054 OOOOOHHHHHH TRUST ME that scene is where I base at least 90%of my opinion. I don't think anyone, COULD, reasonably argue Vegeta would not lose his mind, and sense of self. My question is would there be anybody capable of bringing him back to his senses before he did something like put the universe its self in danger? I think the only way would be to kill him( and that would take SOME MAJOR DOING. Maybe, maybe, his kids could help pull him back. But, it would be very bad in my opinon. I fairly certain Goku would finally have a run for his money.
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