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Code Geass was an anime that was released in 2006 by Sunrise Studio. As an avid anime viewer, I would rate Code Geass in the top 10 greatest anime of all time. Being widely popular all over the world, Code Geass has a little of everything for everyone. Whether they're into giant robots, world domination, or even high school drama, Code Geass can appeal to the majority.

The Plot

In a nutshell, Code Geass takes place in an alternate reality where Britainnia (England) controls most the world and subjugating Japan. Lelouch, our protaganist and an exiled prince of Britainnia, uses his intellect to help organize a rebellion in Japan and free the rest of the world from Britannia's tyrannical rule. That's just the tip of the iceberg, as that also includes: deceit, betrayals, war, romance, and even giant mecha-robot fights.

Speaking of giant robots...

Knightmares, as they are called in Code Geass, are the forefront of any action scenes. And in stereotypical anime style.. THEY'RE PRETTY AWESOME!

School Life and Romance

Enjoying those slice of life and romance animes? Code Geass has got those too. While he isn't plotting to overthrow the Britainnian empire, Lelouch still has to deal with highschool drama and budding romances. It doesn't stop there, as the fun, wild, and light-hearted antics he finds himself thrown into while living his school life, is a balanced contrast to the heart-racing, jaw dropping, action that viewers will gladly welcome.

The Ending of a Life Time

Trying not to spoil anything, Code Geass has one of the most controversial ending in anime history. Even a decade after its ending, fans all over the world are still debating on the ending and what actually happened. Curious to know what happened? Well you gotta watch til the end to find out.