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What Men Think of Korean Dramas and the Reality..

Most girls are enchanted by the dramatic aspects of Korean Dramas. In contrast... how do men (who do not really watch KDramas) perceive these same aspects? A good friend of mine is here to answer these questions:
1. My Love From Another Star: The Infamous 15 Seconds Kiss Scene
While most girls gush at this scene, my friend thinks that this scene was overly cheesy and forced. The fact that Jun Ji-hyun's character says that she has the ability to make people fall in love with her in 15 seconds and called herself "The Fairy of 15 Seconds" was unrealistic. In reality, if a girl tries to hit on him using this method, he would look at her dumbfounded. In no real life scenario, would this line ever work.
2. My Sassy Girl: Coincidental Fate
The idea is that the main girl (who also happens to be played by Jun Ji-hyun) relies on the idea of "coincidental fate" to be reunited with a lost love. In reality, the chances of success by depending on fate for love is nil. The odds that your deceased boyfriend's mom goes out of her way to set you up with "the one" literally only happens in Korean dramas. My Sassy Girl is a prime example of the exaggerated tropes featured in KDramas.
3. The Korean Drama "Stare"
In every dramatic scene featured in Korean dramas, there is always that one moment where the main guy or girl dramatically stares into the camera or off to the distance. This scene is typically when something bad happens or after a character has confessed their love. In reality, it does not take a five-minute glare into the distance to contemplate your feelings. Also, no one forces a dramatic stare when they are in a serious conversation. It's like.. why? This particular stare is so unique to Korean dramas.
See picture above for a prime example of Lee Min-ho dramatically staring into your soul! (Heirs, 2013)
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If BTS Were in Boys Over Flowers
Now, I think there are a lot of things wrong with the plot of BoF (mainly the boys treat Jan-di like crap) but its still funto imagine it as a less problematic drama. Here's who I'd cast! Gu Jun Pyo - Suga The leader of the F4 and heir to the Shinhwa Group, one of the biggest companies in South Korea. He is hot-tempered and believes that there is nothing that money can't buy. Though he's unable to express his feelings, deep down, he has a heart of gold. He torments Jan-di after she stands up to his bullying ways, but ends up falling in love with her and will do anything to protect her. Yoon Ji Hoo - V A member of the F4 and the grandson of a former president of Korea. He has a driving phobia after being involved in a car accident that killed his parents and left him the only survivor. He is initially in love with his childhood friend Seo-hyun, who helped him overcome his social anxiety. Calm and gentle, his musical talent catches Jan-di's attention and she begins to develop feelings for him. So Yi Jung - Jungkook A member of the F4 and a skilled potter. His family owns the country's biggest art museum. After losing his first love to his brother, he becomes a Casanova. He eventually changes his playboy ways when he realizes that he likes Ga-eul. Song Woo Bin A member of the F4, his family runs the country's largest construction company, which Woo-bin later admits has strong connections to organized crime. However, he has excellent business sense and is very charismatic. He's a super nice guy that happens to be a gangster lol and of course RM, Jin, and Jimin are the dad, mom, and little brother :) How would you cast BOF?
Korean Movie Club: Silenced
Trigger warning: Physical and sexual abuse of minors. The plot: Kang In-ho (Gong Yoo) is a new art teacher at Benevolence Academy, a deaf school for children (Based on the real-life Gwangju Inhwa School). He's excited to teach his new students, but they all seem afraid of him and even scared. In-ho does not give up, and eventually the students start to open up to him - and tell him horrifying things. The children are being physically and sexually abused by their teachers. When he decides to fight for the children’s rights and expose the crimes being committed at the school, he soon realizes the school’s principal and teachers, and even the police, prosecutors and churches in the community are actually trying to cover up the truth According to its summary: It is based on actual events that took place at Gwangju Inhwa School for the hearing-impaired, where young deaf students were the victims of repeated sexual assaults by faculty members over a period of five years in the early 2000s The aftermath: The film looks at both the crimes, as well as the legal battle that followed. It showed the true story that the teachers who ABUSED THEIR STUDENTS were let off with minimal punishment. The nation was pissed. After its release, there was so much outrage from the citizens who watched the film, that the investigations were reopened. The demand for legislative reform reached all the way to the National Assembly, where a revised bill, dubbed the Dogani Bill, was passed in late October 2011 to abolish the limitations for sex crimes against minors and the disabled. I haven't seen it yet and will need to be emotionally ready, but I do want to see a film that sparked such a big change in Korea! You can watch it here on Dramanice. Is anyone else interested or has seen it before?