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Most girls are enchanted by the dramatic aspects of Korean Dramas. In contrast... how do men (who do not really watch KDramas) perceive these same aspects? A good friend of mine is here to answer these questions:
1. My Love From Another Star: The Infamous 15 Seconds Kiss Scene
While most girls gush at this scene, my friend thinks that this scene was overly cheesy and forced. The fact that Jun Ji-hyun's character says that she has the ability to make people fall in love with her in 15 seconds and called herself "The Fairy of 15 Seconds" was unrealistic. In reality, if a girl tries to hit on him using this method, he would look at her dumbfounded. In no real life scenario, would this line ever work.
2. My Sassy Girl: Coincidental Fate
The idea is that the main girl (who also happens to be played by Jun Ji-hyun) relies on the idea of "coincidental fate" to be reunited with a lost love. In reality, the chances of success by depending on fate for love is nil. The odds that your deceased boyfriend's mom goes out of her way to set you up with "the one" literally only happens in Korean dramas. My Sassy Girl is a prime example of the exaggerated tropes featured in KDramas.
3. The Korean Drama "Stare"
In every dramatic scene featured in Korean dramas, there is always that one moment where the main guy or girl dramatically stares into the camera or off to the distance. This scene is typically when something bad happens or after a character has confessed their love. In reality, it does not take a five-minute glare into the distance to contemplate your feelings. Also, no one forces a dramatic stare when they are in a serious conversation. It's like.. why? This particular stare is so unique to Korean dramas.
See picture above for a prime example of Lee Min-ho dramatically staring into your soul! (Heirs, 2013)