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There's no TV show that more openly shows its cynicism than Spongebob Squarepants. While most shows mask human apathy and perfidy under the guise of civility, Spongebob shows it out in the open with no filter.
Who can forget when Patrick tells Spongebob that he is irrevocably, undeniably ugly, that his physical appearance is a bane to him and everyone around him, and the townspeople who do nothing to allay his insecurities?
When a Bikini Bottom resident targeted Spongebob and Patrick, pretending to be a pitiful invalid and convinced the two to buy his chocolate by faking an excruciating medical condition?
When Spongebob's classmate, for no good reason, taunts and physically threatens Spongebob with no apparent resolution at the end or explanation for his behavior?
When, for comedic effect, an innocent bystander and enthusiastic customer is brutally injured?
When a workplace professional is automatically considered to be a con, given no benefit of the doubt whatsoever? What kind of pessimistic, negative worldview is this?
A lot of people grew up watching Spongebob, but the show offers no solace or reassurance in the human condition. The townspeople of Bikini Bottom are unhelpful, miserly, dishonest, and rude-- and the show is steeped in this kind of darkly comic awfulness.
Woah hahahah yeah I love Spongebob, but like it is cynical and sad. I think that's why so many adults still watch it. Squidward is a prime example of the realities of life .
They thought they murdered that guy and then tried to cover it up. This show's early seasons really were something.