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1. Coffee Prince This is my all time favorite drama. Even when I listen to the OST to this day I still remember how I felt when I was watching it. ^^
2. Queen In-hyun's Man I was an emotional wreck when I was watching this ;_; Yoo Inna was so great in here!
3. Healer Ji Changwook made his character so loveable!
4. Reply 1997 This drama proves that the life of a fangirl is timeless LOL
5. My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox This is the first time I watched Shin Minah onscreen and also the first time I went total girl crush. She was so cute!!!
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@biancadanica98 I also haven't watched Empress Ki. I try to watch new dramas which are airing so that I cannot have a Kdrama-marathon and my grades will not go down.
@Mavis2478 Oh, I binge watch. I just graduated high school and summer started so it's the perfect time for binge watching! Have you watched Tomorrow's Cantabile?
@biancadanica98 No, I haven't. My summer break will start next month so I'll try to watch it then (my list of dramas that I want to watch is very long😊).
@Mavis2478 I haven't watched it yet either but I plan to watch it after I finish the anime!
@biancadanica98 I just noticed that we have been commenting the whole time😅 I sent you a dm.