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Just kind of in a dark place right now... no i dont want fake pity or "everything is gonna be ok"... i just know im now the only one going through shit right now.... according the the hospital last night im "depressed" i got in trouble cause i looked him dead in the eyes "you dont fuckin say i thought i was all sparkles and sunshine ya dumbass" x.x yeah im not the smartest person during a major anxiety attack... anyway enjoy the feels im going bavk to be to cuddle with my phone and binge some more dance with devils i rather enjoy it to be honest
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well if anything ur human, we all go thru something. Lol I'd love it if I had a perfect life. But things get on bad shit at times. please believe dat it won't last forever. every setback has a comeback.
I work with my brother in the family business, and recently we were driving and he asked me "Are you ok?" I don't know what my face looked like at the time, normally I put up a pretty good front, but I know I'm usually depressed so I tell him "ah it's just a migraine" (everyone in our family gets) so he drops it. Few days later he asked me again and I forgot to filter my response so I said "I'm just really depressed" And he asked me why, this stopped me cold because I honestly don't know. I told him this and he said "what do you mean you don't know?" He just started arguing with me about it. But that is my biggest issue, sometimes I know what's wrong and why I'm depressed, but other times I have no idea and it just makes it worse because then I start thinking "what do I have to be depressed about? Nothing so suck it up" I don't have the heart to tell him or my family just how few of my migraines are "migraines" and how very many of them are just me in agony of sadness.
I know how you feel. if you need a person to talk to, I'm right here.
ah, that hit me in my soft spot, I'm a guy but I tend to be with girls more often just because I can't stand how cold guys are to each other. girls kinda get drama piled up but I can correct that with more confidence than I can with boys
Aww hun...I feel you bro...I feel you -_- Just hit me up with a chat if u need someone to talk to gurl...I'm here for you..♡