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In most BTS MVs, the guys are pretty rambunctious.
A snippet of the lyrics: "Everybody say NO! I'm not going to work anymore. Don't be captured in other's dreams." They're against the establishment. They're defiant and bold. Most of their other concepts are like that.
Here, BTS is "So completely drunk, drunk. Cursing on the streets."
In "Dope," they sing about how hard they've worked and how awesome they are. This confidence and boisterousness contrasts a lot with...
"Just One Day," which is shy, sweet, and appreciative. The music video has a slower pace, the dance is gentler, and the fashion is relaxed. The song sounds like someone thinking quietly over a cup of coffee on a warm spring evening. This is one of the only eras in BTS history with a pure concept like this. Which do you like better?
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I like everything
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at this point, they could release a song with just them singing 'twinkle twinkle little star' and ill be the happiest person on earth
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I prefer their badass theme much better just because of how cool it is, but I also really enjoy their sweeter versions too.
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All but if I had to choose it would be All 馃槀馃憦馃徑
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