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I am freaking out. Amber has released a teaser for her song "Crossing". It looks like an intresting MV. Amber always come out with inspirational songs and I feel like this will become a quick favorite of mine.
She is asking questions in he teaser about what do you want to be in life. Can you imagine yourself doing that for the rest of your life? I'm looking forward to what Amber will bring! Music Finder: John Evans
YYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS! I'm dancing! I'm dancing! I can't wait to see her new release! I love her so much!! 馃槀馃槃馃槅馃樃馃挌馃挍馃挋馃挅
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Amber is messing with my feels
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Do you think her songs will have connections?? Cause I'm already being a detective and realized that her last song was borders and now this one is crossing, crossing the borders? Finally being able to pass the difficulties and starting new with the ready of your life maybe?? Idk what I'm doing 馃槀馃槀
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@catchyacrayon that actually sounds pretty legit!! omg that would be amazing
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