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I hope you like it @mrsjeon I found another that had me like 😩 but this one won since Seventeen started playing on my playlist when I was reading it lol

You know where to find your mentor. He’s probably honing his skills in the practice room on the left, as far away from yours. Why? To put it simply, the past few dance lessons have included flirtatious gazes, swaying hips, seductive motives and a raging boner on his part. He had to distance himself from you in order to prevent himself from fucking you hard against one of the mirrored walls.
The sneakers you wear make no sound on the tiles in the hall as you approach the practice room door, peering through the rectangular window to see the familiar male dancing intensely. The bass of the music accentuates every thrust of his hips and results in a pang of arousal between your thighs clad in tiny shorts. Sweat glistens on his forehead from the power of every dance move and even the parts of his shirt that stick to him are darkened. And whatever he’s concentrating on has a stronghold on his thoughts, for he doesn’t notice you slip into the room.
Soonyoung’s movements are precise and you watch in awe at how well he can move. You bite your lip at the thought of how he can move beneath the sheets just as he finally sees your reflection in the mirror.
He comes to a halt immediately, his heart racing and arousal rising from the sight of your perfect figure and the way you’re biting your lip. You smile at him and stride over. Soonyoung’s breath catches in his throat.
“Y/N, what are you doing here?” His panting gives you certain thoughts you’d only admit in secret.
“I came to see you, of course,” you’re standing in front of him now and you don’t miss how his eyes travel down and up your form. “I wanted to dance with you again. We haven’t done it in a while.”
Soonyoung internally groans at the memories of why he can’t be around you. “You can find someone else to dance with right? I don’t think I’m the best person you co-”
You cut him off by grabbing the collar of his oversized t-shirt, pulling his face down to be level with yours. “Soonyoung, I don’t want anyone else. I want you. Now.”
Soonyoung’s breath fans over you with no regards to the rhythm of the music surrounding you two. He wants to take you in every position possible in every location with no care for what happens afterward. He just wants to feed the sex-craving beast within, because no matter how many times he masturbates to the thought of you, he’s still unsatisfied. He needs you. And what the hell? You’re offering, right? Screw all the speeches he gave to himself about not fucking the girl he’s supposed to guide in dancing.
“I know you want me too, Soonyoung. Don’t make me wait any longer,” you bite his lower lip and pull back slightly, making his cock twitch in the loose basketball shorts.
“Are you sure? Maybe if you wait it out then you’ll realize this is a bad idea, Y/N…” Soonyoung isn’t sure who he’s trying to convince, but he damn well knows this bad idea will give you both a good fuck.
You take his hands to rest on your breasts, making sure he squeezes them how you like it. And with a moan, you reply.
“I’ve been waiting for so long.”
The cold is what you register first. Soonyoung has you pressed against the mirror with his erection grinding against your sex and his hands squeezing your chest for good measure. You both connect your lips immediately in pure lust, your hips grinding against each other in an animalistic manner. Little moans come from both of you and he thrusts his hips against yours in a sinful manner, making you gasp and throw your head back.
“Yes, fuck, Soonyoung, right now,” your hands impatiently fly to his shorts to yank them down with his underwear. His cock springs up to his lower abdomen and you lick your lips at the sight, ready to taste the precum sitting on top. Your tongue lashes out to swipe the side of his throbbing heat, but a growl and his hand gripping your hair stops you from continuing.
“Y/N, right now I need to fuck you. You can do that next time.”
The tone of his voice and suggestion of a next time has you flooding your panties. You rise from your knees and Soonyoung urgently pulls your bottoms down and spins you to face the mirror, spreading your legs just enough for you to see his member sliding between them teasingly. You whine in protest and try to squirm in his arms to get what you want, but he doesn’t relent. He rubs himself between your lower lips only to be coated with your juices and make your pants become harsher. Your eyes never leave your reflection, watching and feeling how agonizingly slow he’s moving.
His right-hand trails from the base of your throat, then grazes your nipple and makes it to the source of heat at the apex of your thighs. You choke on the air around you when two fingers slide into you easily, pumping fast enough to have you moaning aloud for him, needing more with every movement. You call out to him as he curls his fingers within you, coming into contact with you g-spot with ease. His other hand presses between your breasts to keep you flush against him and his eyes watch your every motion and reaction. You’re already so wet and loud for him and he just started.
“That feel good?” He asks the obvious question.
“Yes, oh my god, don’t stop!” Your breathing becomes erratic and you begin to think he’ll let you cum before the main event. Not that you wouldn’t mind cumming right there, but you would much rather cum around a much larger part of him. As if reading you mind, he withdraws his fingers, both digits soaked in your essence. You immediately wrap your lips around them when he presses them to your mouth, and Soonyoung smiles at the sight. In the same moment that you’re sucking yourself from his fingers, he slides into you with ease due to how you’re dripping so much, the tightness from the angle making him let out a long groan. You whine around his digits and suck on them harder.
Soonyoung begins pumping himself into you relentlessly, his left-hand pinching one of your nipples enough to make you tighten around his length and arch your back as much as the position allows. His thrusts only increase in speed from there, and you find your head dropping onto his shoulder behind you, a scream-like moan filling the air.
Those dangerous hip thrusts of his take control and you can’t contain the sounds you let out. His own grunting joins yours and your legs tremble. He manages to plow so deep within you at an unbelievably fast rate and you’re not sure how long you’ll last. His stamina is something you’re familiar with, and you tighten even more at the mere thought of him fucking you to oblivion. He groans at the feeling and his hand slaps your clit, sending an extra jolt of pleasure through you. Your thighs tremble in protest and you’re not sure how you even managed to stay upright from his powerful thrusts.
His hand comes down on the little bundle of nerves again and you cry out his name. Thrusting into you faster, he does it again and again and again, pleased with how you tug on his hair harder each time in an effort to not cum. You want this to last.
“Y/N, do you want me to spank your clit some more?” his question comes out in a low voice in your ear, but you’re nodding before the lewd sentence even finishes. He grins at how eager you are and gives you what you want, delivering sharp contact to the aching bud. You’re throbbing around him now, doing everything you can to not cum. Yet that self-control leaves you when his fingers land on your clit and stay there, rubbing frantic and tiny circles on it. You scream out his name and cum around him, his hips stuttering at how tightly you’re gripping his cock. Soonyoung grunts your name and thrusts into you harder, helping you ride out your orgasm to the point where you’re not sure if you’ll ever stop cumming. His hips jolt forward once more before he pulls out of your tight heat, shooting all he’s worth around your entrance and thighs.
His arm wraps around your waist to support your weight and your fucked-out expression matches his own. You both try to catch your breaths, the harsh pants and song from earlier still on replay with a slight fog on the mirror in front of you.

*nosebleed * *hyperventilating * *twitching on the floor in the corner * I read this to early in the morning I regret nothing.
THANK U and it was fate XD seventeen chose this ff
@mrsjeon whoo yass im glad 😊
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