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Part 8 _ * _ * _ * "Hey, Y/N, wake up we're here." I stretched as i slowly opened my eyes, hearing his voice. "Where are we?" My eyes hadn't fully adjusted so I couldn't see due to the sun. He chuckled, "Just get out of the car." with that I heard him exit. I sighed, slowly working my way out. I was surprised I didn't have another nightmare again, guess I'm in luck because I did not need Yoongi to see me melt down. I stood up out of the car with Yoongi's help and a smile immediately came to my face, we were at an amusement park! "Judging by your reaction I'd say I did a good j-" Before he could finish I jumped on him causing him to grab the car to keep his balance. "Thank you so much!" I know, I'm all tough until an amusement park comes to play. I hadn't been to one in years so I got carried away. "Thought you would enjoy it." I practically here his smile, damn it he's good. "Not that I'm complaining, but are we gonna stay like this or head to the park?" I jumped down a blush on both our cheeks. Clearing my throat mumbled an apology. He just playfully rolled his eyes. "Shall we go?" I asked. He nodded his head and I took that as a sign. Grabbing his hand and pulling him around every where. We stopped at rides, won some games, and ate some snacks. _ * _ * _ * "Yah!" I called to gain his attention from the cotton candy in his hand. "Why we find the most dangerous ride? Sounds like fun right?" I smiled as he just clicked his tongue at me. "You're weird, but seeing as it's only 5, why not?" "Yes!" I cheered. We walked around until we found an old rollercoaster that had a bunch a bunch of loops and made you hang upside down most of the time. "You ready?" he asked me as we got on. "Of course!" _ * _ * _ * "I can't believe we did that!" I exclaimed as Yoongi just laughed at me. "That was so much fun!" What should we do now?" "How about we head towards the beach over there?" he pointed towards the end of the park where the shore started. "Sure, it doesn't look crowded so that's good." He pulled me by my arm until we reached the sand and sat down, staring horizon. "Namjoon told me they ran into you early in the morning." Did they tell him anything else? "And?" "Why had you been crying? He saw tear stains on your face." I was about to respond when he used a finger to silence me. "It's okay if you're not ready to tell me, I won't pry." "No, it's fine. I trust you enough to atleast tell you a gist." "Okay." he waited for me to continue as i took a deep breathe. "Basically, something happened between me and my parents in the past. They were evil and murderous." He nodded his head to show he was listening, he looked completely unfazed. Thank goodness. "Well... I left after something... and-" I could feel the tears starting as i tried to hold them back. He noticed, taking me into a hug. "It's okay. You don't have to continue." "No it's fine." I found his scent and touch comforting as i calmed down. When he knew I was ready he let go to my dismay. "Like i said stuff happened. They're dead now and they haunt me. It wasn't a pretty ending, I saw it all." He looked at me with concerned eyes. "Do you want me to stay over tonight?" "But we have school." I laughed a little and so did he. "I won't do anything you don't want me to." he winked and with that the mood was uplifted again. _ * _ * _ * We decided to walk around the town because it was 8 by the time we left the park. Street lights illuminated parts of the side walk as we walked passed all sorts of shops. Unconsciously we walked hand in hand. It made me feel at ease as i kept the thoughts from the night before out of my head. "We need to do this more often." he said, his eyes looked like they were glowing from the lamp we were underneath. "Yes, we should." I smiled at him. "What do you wanna do, now?" "Let's go to your house so you can pack some clothes." "Did you just accept my proposal of staying the night?" "Yep, I don't see what the big deal is though." "I think you're going soft for me already, Y/N. Normally you would've hit me and pretended that we never had that conversation earlier." We had started walking towards his car which was a few feet away. "Would you prefer me to find another glass bottle to hit you with?" "I stand corrected, you haven't gone soft." he laughed. He put his hands up as if to surrender, when he pulled his hand out of mine it felt like all the warmth was gone and I wanted to grab it again. 'No, Y/N, that would be wierd.' I inwardly scolded myself as we got in the car. _ * _ * _ * At Y/N's house: "You can take the couch when you get out of the shower. I'll get you a pillow and blankets." I walked off leaving him in the bathroom to take a shower. My heart has been acting up ever since we talked on the beach and frankly it was annoying me. I looked collected on the outside but I kept freaking out on the inside everytime he spoke. When I texted Alex about this she had replied saying, 'It's love I tell you! Make a move!' I laughed at her response but at the same time I had a feeling she was right. _ * _ * _ * "Y/N! Y/N! Y/N, WAKE UP!" I woke exactly how I did the night before. I turned to see Yoongi hovered over me. From the looks of it he had shaken me awake. "Are you okay?" I sighed sitting up as leaned back to give me some space. I was taking deep breathes as he rubbed my back. "Thanks." "No problem, that's why I'm here tonight right?" We both chuckled. After a few minutes of silence he got up and was about to leave when I called out, "Yoongi, wait!" He stopped in the door frame. "Could you, umm... stay here. Please." I fiddled with my fingers waiting for a reply. "Of course." he climbed in right next to me and i snuggled into his chest. "I'll always be here for you. I'll never leave, okay?" I nodded my head as he wrapped his arms around me. "Thank you, for this." He kissed my forehead, "No problem. You know how I feel. So how would I be able to see you in pain and do nothing? Anytime you need anything, come to me." I nodded my head as I started to faded out of consciousness. "You were right, Yoongi, I do..." Before I could finish I fell asleep. _ * _ * _ *
A/N: Oh my! I'm evil I cut it off just as it was coming together. Don't hate me. I updated early but I was in the mood so... this is why I can't make a schedule because I can only write each story if I'm in the right mind set, you all know what I mean. What you think?


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