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Our Yoong Unnie's been busy alot lately in China. From Tv drama to Fan meetings, our Unnie has been working hard. As most of us know, Yoona starred in a Chinese Romanticized Period Drama entitled "God of War: Zhao Yun" as Ma Yo Rou/Xiaohou Qing Yi. This drama topped the charts and the ratings been good from the first episode until the latest one. Many fans admired Yoong's acting skills Aside from a Tv Drama, Yoona's fan are preparing for her 1st fan meeting "Blossom" in Guangzhou. Her Chinese fans have been anticipating for this opportunity to see our Goddess Yoong. Yoona's popularity widely spreads across China. We hope this continues so our beloved Unnie will have a good career! Fighting! Ps. She's going to have a Cooking Show, in China too another ps. add me
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