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Happy birthday to the sun of Big Bang!! The amazing, sexy, dancer of Big Bang!!!! Let's all show our appreciation for Taeyang on his special day, and I hope that he has an amazing day today as well!!!! I'm glad that both Taeyang and his sexy abs (XD) are around!!!! So please enjoy these wonderful pictures and gifs of our sexy man ^-^
I hope you always eat amazing food that makes you dance like this Taeyang cx I hope I didn't kill too many fangirls with these pictures and gifs! I know I died many times getting these pictures. I just can't with this man!! He's not even my bias but who can't love this sexy man!?!? Anyway, I hope Taeyang and all of you have an amazing day today!! You all deserve to smile and be happy, just like Taeyang does! We love you Taeyang! Stay strong and fighting!!
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