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Absolute Seikuken- A combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within ones arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. Zakku is able to hold his own against an army of Goblins, Uruks, Rival battle mages, and Gastrea.
BERSERKER JOINT RELEASE: A Form of Zakku's BERSERKER MODE where Zakku can focus his fighting energy into his Varanium limbs. Since Zakku cannot control his body and mind in BERSERKER MODE at full power he created this method to gain an advantage over an opponent. He uses this technique to enhance his Strength, Speed and Agility 10x's more than a normal human.
Forbidden Demon Style: Shockwave Fist- Zakku Focuses 100% of his Power into his Right Arm and Connects with a punch Capable enough of Shattering an entire building, Obliterating a Zodiac Stage Gastrea, leaving a wake of destruction in his wake. In a normal fight Zakku only uses at least 15-20% of his Power to finish off his opponent.
@SAMURXAI aww sweet OK I get it now just had a slow moment lol
@SAMURXAI Correctimundo The Seikuken is probably one of the most underrated and underlooked defenses in anime so I thought about what would be cool so I began to watch some of the OVA'S of History's Strongest Disciples Kenichi and Sure enough The Seikuken really brought me back to the way my old Karate Master taught me
it's like the movement of his fist that create the shield I think, so it's not a physical shield, just a visual reference to the overall effectiveness of his blocking and attacking speeds and efficient movement
the first one I'm interested in so is it like air or wen that is making the shild
Kenichi The Mightiest Disciples and Black Bullet
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