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This is just another layer to the argument that women are downright unstoppable.

Especially if it involves colors. Yikes.

Anyway, it's Sunday evening, so tell me, Vinglers, what did you do this weekend?

I got to eat PIZZA FRENCH FRIES with my friend on Saturday night. It was pepperoni and cheese fries with a marinara dipping sauce and was so freaking good. Not 'I'm going to eat this all the time.' good, but 'This would be the BEST drunk food.' good.
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@SimplyAwkward happy birthday and don't drink too much. and am I the only girl that doesn't go by the different shades?
2 years ago·Reply
@CrystalBlunt thank you and I didn't drink anything yesterday
2 years ago·Reply
uhm I work all weekend and I'm already back at it this morning
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee yes i did buy a shirt and a cd. but then i had to stop because i tend to buy lots if i dont.
2 years ago·Reply
The one the that's the same color as Blue's lesbian lover from Blue's Clues.
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