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Violence has always been a hot topic of debate of debate in sports. In hockey, it is almost expected. In baseball, it's a rare but "exciting" event. But what message does that send to younger viewers of these sports? Some people argue that some sports are inherently violent and it's just a part of the game. Others say violence ups the excitement factor and makes it more fun. Is violence simply "part" of sports? Or is it an necessary expression of rage that serves as a bad influence to those watching?
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I think in the heat of the moment the athletes do not give a single thought to how they are portraying their sport to the younger generation. That is why I think initiatives like NBA Cares are really important in teaching children the correct values in the sport.
Well Bautista deserved that
I totally agree. It's important to teach those values first...but in the end, it's a battlefield out there.
But that doesnt mean I dont wish athletes will keep in mind that they have kids who look up to them
For marketing amd excitement purposes violence is great. And in the end its a competition so players are going to do whatever they can to win.