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안녕하세요.. Hello hello... KPopBeat back with another Daily MV! I am actually a bit bummed about this one today. While I was running around gathering pictures of each of the members I came to find out that BTL has actually disbanded... Is that going to stop me from showing you this song? Nah... but I will do so sadly as I actually was really looking forward to hearing more from them.... BUT.... that means that you don't have to worry about today's group disrupting your kpop bubble and squeezing their way into your playlist and follow chart lol.....
Well as I said these boys were BTL also known as Beyond the Limit. They debuted in March of 2014 and released the song I am going to show you here called Too-G. Last year they were meant to have a comeback but sadly something happened and they ended up turning the song into a promotional album in Hong Kong... They have since disbanded and sadly I just found out as I started making this card. One of the boys named DoKa went on to join another group called Road Boyz but as of right this moment there has not been much on the whereabouts of the rest of the group members.
Cuties aren't they?
Well I hope you enjoyed the group and even though they weren't together long I really did enjoy their music... Let us hope we will see more from each of these boys later on.
Hope you liked this song as much as I do!! Let me know what you think!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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omg i love this song!!!! I wish they never disbanded becuase i want more!