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GUYS I FOUND TWO ARMYS AT LAGOON YESTERDAY! OK I have confused you......backkkkkup! so yesterday I had a band thing at Utah and it was around Lagoon,UT. so we went there after we were done. well when I was in line for a ride there was these two girls and they had BTS SHIRTS WITH JIMIN AND JONGKOOK! it is really rare to find other army's there or kpop fans in general at Utah and idaho. I'm tried we didn't get back from lagoon at 3am on a sunday. we left about 6am on a Saturday!
'merican Fork! I'm currently living in Seoul... but will be back by the end of this year
:[] I'm from Utah too! and was in my school's marching band! (colorguard actually)
OMG YES IT IS- I HAVE LAGOON!! AND IVE BEEN THERE FOR BAND TOO (like 5 years ago actually) NO WAY!!! *spazzes*
lagoon in Utah?
@Jessicaallen22 Seoul awesome
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